Thursday, May 21, 2009

just sayin'

I seem to be drinking a lot.

"A lot" is subjective.

But, there appears to be a few empty wine bottles and a few empty beer bottles about my kitchen area.
There may be an empty vodka bottle as well.

These weren't emptied all at once.
I mean, that's just irresponsible drinking and begging for a hangover.

More like one at a time over the course of a few weeks.

Okay. It hasn't been a few weeks. Just since school has been finished.

So a few-ish weeks.

I need to empty my fridge for the move.

No sense in adding to the move-age, ya know? Just practical, really.

I like being practical.

I also seem to be drinking alone.
I hear when you drink alone that's the sign of a true alcoholic.
Just what I hear.

Probably just rumors.

I ignore rumors.
And bad advice.

That bottle of red wine from Budapest that I was saving was dee-lish.
I like dee-lish.
And de-groovy.
De-light can sometimes be bright and distracting.
But I don't like to dance with another.


PorkStar said...

I hear beer bottles often get empty by themselves. Osmosis or somet crap. Harder liquor I'm sure is absorbed by the pores when bottle is left open as the scent vaporizes from the bottle by pure magic.

That doesnt mean you are an alcoholic. Alcohol likes you.

: )

Old Man Crowder said...

Groove is in the heart, baby.

Party Girl said...

pk: drinking by osmosis? Sure, why not.

OMC: I was hoping someone would tell me that!
(the song has been stuck in my head since that post.)
(and the video)

(now, if only I could remember who sung it...)

Old Man Crowder said...

Who sang it?

Dee-Lite, I believe.

Party Girl said...

OMC: Thanks, that's what I thought, but I was only using one "e"

It's always more deelicious and more deelighfult when there are more e's

Anonymous said...

Going to meetings is a sign of a true alcoholics, because rehab is for quitters.