Thursday, May 07, 2009

super-quick update

First, anon comments are ridiculous.


Tuesday was my official last day. Yay!

Wednesday a girlfriend and I went out for lunch..for four was awesome to just sit and not have lingering guilt that I should be doing school work, or talking about school work, or worrying about school work. Awesomeness.

I won't know my grades until Wednesday. Two classes I was hanging on for dear life to my "B" so, let's hope I was able to do so. One class was an undergrad class, I was one of two grad students in there and truly, she expected PhD-style work from us. Um, no.

Anyway, it's over, it's done. Thank you jesus, and karma, and budda, and, and, and!

On the job possibilities front, I have two leads. One is working one-on-one with special needs children and adults (thanks, facebook for the power of reconnecting with old friends and networking). The other is a an amazing opportunity, which would have me moving to St. Louis. I really want this gig, so I am not going to jinx it by speaking of its amazing-ness. (When I speak of things on the blog, they get jinxed.)

Okay, I hope everyone is amazing and I will hence-forth be reading each blog faithfully and I will now also have the brain-power to comment.

Thanks for all of your well-wishes, encouragement, and love and hugs over the past two years, I really, really greatly appreciate it all!


PorkStar said...

Hey there congrats! I remember I started reading you before your started the master's.


ptg said...

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Congrats on such a superb and amazing accomplishment. You have worked your ass off on attaining it, and I know - I KNOW - that the best is going to come to you.

G said...

Sounds like you have accomplished some amazing stuff at school. I am clapping my hands just for you in recognition of completing a master's degree. If I had had a prescript for Xanax (unlimited refills) when I was doing my M.Ed., today I would be in a quiet, long term care facility humming songs from the sixties.

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