Wednesday, May 13, 2009

inner dork: 86'd


I know! I'm giddy and running my words together, too!

So, having worked in the restaurant biz, and my infinite love for the Travel Channel and the Food Network (although the love for the Food Net is waning. Not a fan of the new shows.) Anywho, I've always wondered where the phrase 86'd came from.

So, after several consultations, I found that there is not one answer, but several. So, I am going with the answers I saw the most frequently and the ones which make the most plausible sense.

Did you know....

The phrase 86'd referrers to when a diner/restaurant/cafe/coffee shop/food eatery of the like and kind that serve food and beverages, runs out of said food and drink items.
Why 86'd and not 23?

Because: a grave is 8 feet long and 6 feet deep. Hence, 86.
Or, because New York had a statute #86 that stated a bartender should stop serving a patron when they became too inebriated. (hmm, I've been 86'd once.) (Maybe more.) (I couldn't say with any accuracy how many times it may or may not have happened.)
Another answer is that restaurants used to use a number system: ie: 33, I want a cherry coke, 82 meant, "I want a glass of water," 99, the manager is around. And so on.

Hmm, who knew?? Not me.

You've been dorked.


Old Man Crowder said...

Welcome back! It had been so long, I'd forgotten how good a dorking can be.

I had heard the version relating to the grave, but was not aware of the other possibilities. Not being a New Yorkie, and all.

New Yorkite? New Yorker? Whatever.

Anonymous said...

So happy that the dorkings are back. :o)

Party Girl said...

As dorky as it sounds, I really have missed the dorkings.I really do plan for them to become a regular weekly feature once again.

After all, everyone can use a good weekly dork.

Jay said...

I love a good dorking, don't you? ;-)

Party Girl said...