Wednesday, May 13, 2009

just askin'

Bridezillas, what the hell. How do these women get men to agree to marry them?
What the hell is wrong with the men who are agreeing to marry them?

Train wreck. Absolute train wreck.

Cannot turn my eyes away from said train wreck.


Jay said...

Often times, Bridezillas are a product of overreaching expectations. The idea has been driven into their heads that it's THEIR day and it must be perfect. While perfection is a goal, reality has a way of taking perfection and pounding it into a fine powder. Bridezillas do not live within reality. They reside in their own little worlds where the world is conspiring to ruin THEIR day and it drives them, and everyone around them, insane.

God, I hate weddings.

-Jay (veteran of over 50 weddings as a limousine driver.)

Party Girl said...


I am not a fan of weddings either.
Do people want a wedding, or do they want a marriage? Spend some of that time and energy (money) planning your future, not a day.

PG, (veteran of too many weddings, and too many bridesmaids dresses.)