Monday, July 09, 2007

A quick shot of randomness

1) I spent Saturday morning and late into the afternoon packing, moving, throwing away and donating all things mine, in the first stint of: moving away to Medium Sized State U. (And all on four and half hours of sleep. I went to bed at 4:43 (Hmm, most curious) in the a.m. and waking up to the phone ringing (with Mama saying, "You're not up yet?" At the early morning time of 9:18.) A quick brushing of the teeth and a good scrubbing of the face I was ready (well, as ready as I could be) to do the first major over-haul of throwing away and donating under way.
On the way to get a concrete shake from Culver's, I stated I had a tension headache. to which Mama asked (in all seriousness) "why do I have a tension headache?" To which I replied with, "Really?"
I mean, really?

2) When I was asked the other day how old I am I, for the life of me, couldn't remember. (Too much sex?) (Too much alcohol?) (Are those oxymorons?) I went back and forth with it. (Like a sad lonely tennis match) I am 33. No. I can't be 33. I must be 32. No. That's not right. I know I'm not 31. After going back and forth thinking out loud to the person who asked the stupefying question in the first place and who clearly had no idea seeing as how they are the one who asked me. (Baffled, party of one.) I (secretly) had to look on my blogger profile to find out the correct answer (33.) Is that sad or wonderful that I am that clueless as to the number of my age rings?
Is it sad or pathetic that blogger was the light that shined on me for this answer that I should already know?

3) Tonight (about 6 minutes ago actually) (you know, to be exact.) I finished job number two: (not, taking a number two. Job, number two.) (That's even too detailed for me.) (Why is it called "number two?") (Hmm, I'll work on that for Thursday.) (But I digress.) transcribing for the PhD candidate. The job officially became tedious within minutes of the first typing. It became clear I accepted the wrong dollar amount for the job immediately somewhere around page 2 of the first tape. (That was about 50+ interviews and tapes ago.)
The job was only supposed to last until the beginning of May. Yeah. Clearly that didn't happen.(As it is July.) (You're welcome.) That's officially a lot of tedium and seriously a lot of screwing oneself on pay. (Bad, whore. Bad.) (Whore because you are either the pimp or the whore. Most of us are the whore. Just to clarify.) But. It's over. And even though I offered a low price, (my own damn fault and not whore-worthy.) (damn me and my desperateness!) the (extra) (Ha! I laugh at the "extra" part) money has helped out a lot over the past couple months. (So that makes it all okay.)

4) I am now officially down to four jobs: (Not so secret) full-time job, the two proctoring gigs, and the mentoring of my student gig. This makes my stress level happy, but not my checking and (ha!) savings account. (oh, I kill me.)

5) My fingers are numb (not from anything fun or battery operated) so I am calling it a day.

6) This means I am going home to pack, clean, throw-away more things, and study for my econ test.

7) I am! I am the luckiest girl alive!

8) Ramble, over.

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Bre said...

I am blocking the hell of packing from my conscious memory as I sit in my new wonderful glorious apartment... it gets better.