Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it

Maybe it is all of the poo.

Maybe it is the inner dork in me who finds the jobs fascinating as many of them are things I never would have thought about other wise.

Maybe it is the humor.

Or perhaps the sarcastic wit.

The blatant attempts for a laugh and more camera time.

The voice.

The fact that the crew is picked on relentlessly.

How unabashedly the show is willing to do anything....anything.

However, chances are the real reason is the host, Mike Rowe.

Perhaps he is the reason "Dirty Jobs" has become my new favorite show and why I love a good marathon.

A good marathon of "Dirty Jobs" that is.


Nick said...

I'm totally with you on that... its a fantastic show. I also really like MythBusters too. But Dirty Jobs is great, if for no other reason than for the tag line...

Honoring those who make life livable for the rest of us. It's a great "unsung hero story" type show.

Party Girl said...

Nick: Absolutely. I think that is the biggest draw for me (honestly) all of the jobs that regular folks work and never would have even occured to me. Or all of the jobs I realize are out there, but I didn't realize what really went into them.

I can't get into MythBusters. You'd think I could get behind a show like that, but nope.

Deadliest Catch on the other hand...oh yeah, huge fan! The ..oh what are they called? The newbies on the boat... Some of 'em..throw them overboard!

Nick said...

I'm surprised that your inner dork can't get into MythBusters. That totally strokes my Engineer/Dork/Geek side.

I couldn't get into Deadliest Catch though... not sure why.

Party Girl said...

Nick: Yeah. I hear ya. I've tried. I've tired.

Your comment brings up something I was talking about today: discribe (what you think) the differences between a geek, dork, and nerd are. Not what the dictionary says they are, but what you think they are.

appletini said...

I've seen that show, quite a few times.
I found it really interesting, but it is sooo DISGUSTING!

Dirty Bunny said...

It's a good show, and hot damn is that man tasty.

Old Man Crowder said...

Mike Rowe is awesome. My favourite episode so far has to be the snake catcher.

I laughed so hard I peed a little.

Bob said...

So when did the Discovery Channel become the "All Crap (I mean Crab or maybe it's both) Channel"? Right after it stopped being the "All Motorcycle Channel"? It seems TLC and Discovery have a tenacity to get into a rut and drive a show down to the axles. History Channel, Discovery Science and DIY get a bunch of play time in my living room also.

Party Girl said...

apple: yep. Lots 'o poo.

Bunny: but because of him I will watch all of the poo-age.

OMC: The one where he was on Lake MI and was bitten about 182 time? Yeah. He is such a glutton.

Bob: During one of the marathons it did occur to me, what ever happened to the plains of Africa and all of the shows about animals that I used to smoke pot to?