Monday, July 16, 2007

wide awake in dreamland

No one likes hearing about another person's dreams. I know this. However, this dream involved some of you, so I thought I would humor you by going inside my head. Also, I rarely remember my dreams once the hot water of the shower hits my face, so apparently these have significance.

Ptg and her husband were in my dream. She was pregnant and he had a very hairy back. His shirt was off, thus the hair was all there for me to see. I don't believe her pregnancy nor his hairy back are related, but one never really knows.

Joefish and Dirty Bunny were also there. They were comforting ptg through her labor pains.

I was apparently useless to help.

There was a stack of cows standing on top of each other eating paint off the side of a house. The house (was) white and was a turn of the century three story, so the cows were stacked very tall as one cow (all brown) was enjoying the lead-free paint from the very tippy-top of the house.

I was on my way to work (my old job from several years ago) when I passed the cows stacked on top of each other eating the paint.

Then suddenly ptg and her hubby, with his shirtless belly and hairy back, showed up and I was in the hospital.

Then Joefish and Dirty Bunny were there.

I thought it was very nice of them to show up to help out.

Then my alarm went off.

Now. I don't actually know ptg or her husband. I don't know if he has a hairy back, but I'm going to assume he doesn't. So I apologize for any harm my subconscious has caused.

I also don't know Joefish or Dirty Bunny either, but they seem like good peeps. I also don't know if they actually know ptg or her hubby, so see they are good peeps because they were willing to help out in a time of need. Good peeps. (better than the marshmallow peeps, I am sure. Although when put in the microwave the marshmallow peeps are fun to watch.)

I also don't believe that cows have the ability to stand on top of each other. I also doubt they would like a diet of lead-free paint, or lead based paint for that matter, but in my dream they seemed to think it was a tasty treat.

No drugs were involved in this dream. Copious amounts of alcohol were involved on Friday and Saturday. I don't remember those dreams at all. Perhaps last night's dream was merely catching up with me.

I will try and incorporate the rest of you into my dreams as soon as I have time.
You're welcome.
Good day.


Bre said...

Ha! I have yet to start dreaming about bloggers, though I'm sure I'm not far off!

limpy99 said...

I'm sorry, you lost me when you started stacking cattle for paint removal purposes.

What the hell did you drink? Absinthe?

Party Girl said...

Bre: It's odd how the brain works in sleep...
or just in general. At least it wasn't ex-boyfriends. I hate those. We've broke up, go away.

Limpy: No, but I like your thinking.
Actually perhaps I will try a snip in Budapest.
Most likely.
I would take bets and bet you'd win.

Yeah. The cows make me laugh. When you drive by a herd of cows do you say, "Moo, cows."

Yeah. Me neither.

ptg said...
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ptg said...

so what you're saying is -

I'm pregnant, my husband is hairy, Joefish and Bunny are helping me deliver the baby, cows are stacked on top of each other trying to eat paint, and then you're in the hospital?

Hmm. Interesting. :o)

Party Girl said...

ptg: Yep. I'm sure there is some deep meaning behind it all; especially your husband's hairy back and the paint eating cows. I'm sure of it.
I need more alcohol and I am also sure it will all become clear to me.
I'm sure of it.

appletini said...

Now there's a good dream for "dream interpretation" ;)

Dirty Bunny said...

Wow-we. I was going to try to interpret this dream, but I'm fresh out of LSD. Did I say LSD? Oops...Freudian slip. What I meant to say, was that I have no flippin' clue what that could have meant, but it's entertaining none-the-less.

You could be starting a new trend. In the past people used to see pink elephants. Now it's stacked cows.

Joefish said...

Did you dream me in a hat? Next time I want to wear a hat. I like hats.