Friday, July 27, 2007

hodge podge

Just a quickie update. (Who doesn't love a quickie?)

This weekend is part one of two of "The Big Moves." (Dun-du-dun!)

It is the completion of moving all my crap-ola into my parent's garage and moving back into my old room for two weeks. (As a refresher: the reason I am doing this is because my landlords decided to be poo heads and wanted a full month's rent for the month of August even though there is nothing in the lease agreement that states this. Why didn't I argue with them? No time to argue. I believe in picking my battles and this wasn't one I wanted to fight. I just "found" my copy of the lease agreement yesterday. A.k.a. I had a brain storm and bypassed my landlords who aren't returning my calls and went straight to the rental/management company and they faxed me a copy of my lease.)

Doncha just love a brainstorm?

I am officially down to three jobs.


I finished one proctor gig and the transcription gig and the gig last night. That leaves me with: full-time (not so secret) profession, one proctor gig, one mentoring gig.

With all of the "extra" funds my savings account looks quite nice.

All of those "extra" funds will be gone by mid-October due to bills and a payment needed for Budapest.

Last night I got to play teacher.


I mean, I actually got to be a teacher.

Just for one night, but it was awesome.

It might have been awesome cause it is not something I get to do very often.

Okay, last night was officially the first time.

I was so in my perfect element with this class. We discussed the play "End Game" by Samuel Beckett.

They told me they hadn't read it before class.


You're not getting off that easy. I guess that means we will have to read it out-loud in class then.

We discussed, existentialism, God, the universe, the war, mortality, religion, changing ideals, ect.

I love college students.

A little over a week ago I received a phone call that completely turned my pissy mood around and was exactly what I needed to move ahead.

London called me.

Completely out of nowhere in the middle of my work day London was on my phone. I simply got up from my desk, walked outside and had a wonderful and lovely conversation as if I had just seen him hours before.

I don't believe in anything as hokey as closure. So it isn't that, but it was what I needed. It was a little, "thank you" note for my heart and for my mind.

I don't want to talk anymore about it because I think it loses its simplicity and loveliness by doing so.

The new chapter in my life starts in exactly 14 days.

I have too much going on and too much stress to really be excited about this. Something about working six jobs, taking two classes, and moving twice. That might have something to do with it.

Not sure.

But maybe.

Other than the Yankee and Red Sox games I went to in May I haven't been to a single baseball game this season.

That makes me sad.

I am missing my boys of summer.

Not to mention my beer and hot dog consumption is way down.

The fact that August is going to be here next week? Ho-lee-crap. Where did the summer go?

My family is throwing me a going away party next weekend.

I will be buying water balloons and lots of alcohol will be present.

The stories of, "My Family the Geniuses" with commence shortly thereafter I am sure.

I was told by a student that I have become very sarcastic this summer.

I replied with, "Really? You think I've just become sarcastic?"

Notice how I replied to the comment about being sarcastic with sarcasm. (I thought it was a nice touch.)

I received a "B" in my econ class.

I am very proud of this achievement.

It's a bit below my standards, but I am very pleased with this considering everything I have going on, how burnt out on school I am, and how I've never taken an econ class before.

So. Go, me.

I am only in the middle of the latest Harry Potter book.

Do NOT tell me anything about it.

I can only steal a few minutes here and there to read it.

However, last night I had to make myself put the book down and go to bed.

Oh, I do love it when a book has that kind of power on me.

I feel like I've been on a continuous countdown since December.

Counting down until London left.

Counting down until I was finished with school.

Counting down until I left for Greece.

Counting down until I heard about grad school.

Counting down until the end of the semester.

Counting down until I move this weekend.

Counting down until my last day at work.

Counting down until I move/move.

Counting down until grad school starts.

Then I am sure it will be a countdown until I leave for Budapest.

And then a countdown until I am finished with the first semester in December.

Do you ever feel like you're on a perpetual countdown?

Isn't life just one big countdown?

Does anyone else have the song, "Final Countdown" in their head right now?

If so, I apologize.

Because it is stuck in mine.

And it is a sucky song.

Why is it that only the sucky songs get stuck in our heads?

Or is it that even the good songs become sucky songs after the same lyrics go round and round in your head for hours on end?


Jay said...

I believe this to be the longest "quickie" ever!

Not that I mind.

And damn you to hades for evoking memories of seeing Europe open for Def Leppard at Alpine Valley in WI back in '89!!!!

Many years of therapy flushed down the toilet. Thanks. ;-)

ptg said...

I think that I too am perpetually counting down the could argue that it's just avoiding the time in the meantime and not enjoying the present, but another could argue it continues to energize you for the future. (At least, that's my interpretation!)

You definitely have major changes ahead...but you are going to hit them all straight on and kick their asses, I'm sure.

Glad to hear London called. You never need to forget anything about your time together, but being able to "close" that chapter certainly helps open the next one.

limpy99 said...

Harry Potter comes out of the closet on pg 674.


Nick said...

I'm strangely proud of the fact that I've never read any Harry Potter books, or seen any of the movies.

Frankly, I don't need to be hooked on another series. I'm already hooked on all Dean Koontz books.

justacoolcat said...

A "B" in econ is pretty damn good. That's a tough class.

Bre said...

I love college students too! I especially love that I work in a field that allows me to teach them things every day... although not always things as cool as Beckett.

Dirty Bunny said...

You are such an inspiration.

appletini said...

Wow! that's a whole lotta countdowns! But they are good ones:) It's good to have countdowns.... it means that you are reaching your goals ;)

Party Girl said...

Jay: I know! Hello, 1989!

ptg: I think if we don't have countdowns it means we are stagnant and have nothing going on and nothing to look forward to.
London and I have emailed several time, this was the first phone call.

Limpy: Damn you!! Damn, you!

Nick: Really? Not one? Not even curious to all of the hype? ANy particular reason why you've avoided them?
I started right before 3 came out.
Hated 4, but have loved all of the other ones.

Justcool: it is, but it is also common sense and especially if there is some life experience to go with it.

Bre: They keep the learning, the ideas, the thoughts, the discussions fresh. The attitude I can do without sometimes, but mostly it is always good.

Dirty: Really? How so? I never thought of myself in this way. 'splain, please.

Apple: Oy, I could say I have too many right now!

Nick said...

I guess I've never bothered because my book stack is always large enough as it is. It's not like I'm short of material.

I've also never been drawn to "kids things" for entertainment. I enjoy watching Disney movies and other animated movies like The Incredibles, etc... but only if I'm with my nephews, etc.

I don't mock those who enjoy them at all. It's just never been a huge draw. And I've never been a "go with the crowd" type guy anyway.

Party Girl said...

Nick: Maskes complete sense.

I do enjoy a well written children's story of any variety. Sometimes I just need the brain break and to say I read a book in an hour? Well.....'
Same with the kids movies..and sophmoric humor movies, sometimes a brain break is needed.

I agree with the "not following the crowd" all for it and normally I am not that kind of gal. If I hadn't gotten hooked on the books before the 3rd one (and all of the media hype) surrounding the books came about I am sure I would not be on the bandwagon.

Party Girl said...

opps. That should say, "Makes complete sense.."

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