Friday, July 20, 2007

PG's a dork! PG's a dork!

Ok, I just called myself a whale's penis, but that is not the point.

The differences between geeks, nerds, dorks, and maybe dweebs.

Nerds: These are the brilliant types. The ones who know everything in a book and nothing about the street. Somewhere between being locked in the basement to learn about all things electrical, statistical, and mathematical they forgot how to talk to anyone, specifically the opposite sex.

Geek: These are the nerds who have some social skills, street smarts, and business savvy. They put all of the books smarts to use and are now taking over the world. Ala: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, et al of the computer and Google world. The geeks really are inheriting the Earth.

Dorks: These are the geeks who are oddly brilliant in whatever field they have so chosen to go into, but also have amazing social skills. They might be a bit quirky in their mannerism (lack of eye contact, or the ability to know useless facts, or the ability to look up words in the dictionary.) There is no desire to start or own their own company. They are perfectly happy in their brilliance and ability to be social with a variety of people and places.

Why I believe I am a dork. (Really you need proof?) I learned that there are exactly 216 noodles in every can of Campbell's chicken noodle soup and that the soup is cooked only once it is sealed in the can. If there is one more or one less noodle it is kicked off the assembly line.....I learned that on the Food Network about 3+ years ago. It has stuck with me. In addition to that I can also:
Name all of the astrological signs- in order.
I break into song spontaneously.
I play Jeopardy!
I love to laugh
and I love shoes.
and Art.
and Jewelry (and make most of mine.)
I can have an asinine conversation about intelligent things and an intelligent conversation about asinine things.
I Google useless information All.the.time.
This week I called two women, broads. This then went into floozy, and hussy and what the differences are. I then realized that "broad" is such an odd thing for a woman to be called and I wondered what the word origin of it was. I then looked up the word "broad" in the dictionary. There are 25 definitions for the word "broad." However, I think I came up with the origins. Either definition 8 or 9 and also the word, broad-wife. (really, after that do I need to go on?)

But, I am also someone who loves baseball and boxing. Enjoys a good drink. Can make any comment go straight into the gutter. And enjoys a conversation with a nerd and a geek because inside, we're all a little dorky.

What's your inner dork?


Bre said...

I can recite poetry from most poets you can name.
I have more knowledge than is necessary about the Civil War and the Irish rebellions
I can recite all the "to be" verbs in under 30 seconds
I am a pop culture triva JUNKIE (and a great bar trivia player)
I really really love accessories!

Jay said...

I am definitely in the dork catagory, if using "PG nerd/geek/dork guidelines". (patent pending)

I know that Chaka Khan's real name is Yvette Stevens.

I can remember every phone number I've ever had since I was 6.

I can also recite from memory every number that has ever been associated with me, including SSN#, drivers license, employee #'s, student ID#'s, etc.

Which is pretty interesting considering my math skills suck.

I know that it takes the average hen here in the U.S. 52 weeks to lay 12 dozen eggs.

I study anthropology and politics in my spare time.

My social skills have gotten me laid.

I see more naked women than the average single male who neither frequents strip clubs nor owns a telescope.

One last thing...

But, I am also someone who loves baseball and boxing. Enjoys a good drink. Can make any comment go straight into the gutter. And enjoys a conversation with a nerd and a geek because inside, we're all a little dorky.

Marry me!

Or at least let's enjoy a beer or 6 while watching a baseball game and have every conversation end up in the gutter.

I'll drink to that. :-)

Nick said...

I'm not sure my measure of each is the same as yours, but I've always considered myself a geek. I don't make any bones about it either... I just admit it now.

Hell... even now that I'm somewhat jock-ish and do triathlons, I still wear a Microsoft Windows jersey when I bike and do races.

Party Girl said...

Bre: Oooooooooh trivia, how do I love thee? Let me count the blocks on mytrivia pursuit board.
Vh1's pop cultura show? Yeah. Way fun.

Jay: Something tells me if you and I drank 6 beers together while watching a baseball game everything would end up in the gutter because the conversation would be all about minutia (trivia) and it would have to lead to nakedness.

Nick: Say it loud, say it proud!!! Congratulations on inheriting the Earth.

I forgot a couple of mine: pop cultural is certainly one.
My 'go to' channels on the stupid box are: History, food, travel, discovery, Turner classic movies, IFC...and then it goes from there...and pretty much in that order.

My math skills are horrible, but last night in econ I figured out my income to debt, to job, to hours needed to work, to monies saved ratio in time no time at all.

I study many subjects at a time. (and become sort of manic about each) One of the things I will miss most is the "free" education that came from all of the many random conversations throughout my day. More on that in a later post.

Dirty Bunny said...

My inner dork involves 80's music. Like, did you ever hear of a group named Slade that sings Run Run Away? I can also name the calories, fat content, and fiber content of just about anything you can imagine. Oh, wait, that's pathetic, not dorky.

limpy99 said...

What does playing the actual Jeopardy! show get you in the world of geek/dork/nerd? Suddenly I need to know this!

Party Girl said...

Bunny: I'm with you on the 80's music on song lyrics!!!

Limpy: why that means you are a super-ultra-mega-cool dork!

Someday I hope to be a super-ultra-mega-cool dork as well.

appletini said...

I had NO idea that there were exactly 216 noodles in Campbells chicken soup. That was a childhood favorite :)