Thursday, September 13, 2007

inner dork: here little piggy...

Never worry, never fear inner dork is finally back! Wait. That doesn't rhythm. Crap. Anyway...

Did you know:

The world's pig population is approximately 857,100,100.
(Give or take a pork chop. Or slab of bacon. Or...)

A pig always sleeps on its right side.
(Really? Always?)

A pig's orgasm lasts 30 minutes
(Jealous. Wait, is that the male piggy or the female piggy? I'm going with the female piggy, cause otherwise that's a lot of male piggy sperm.)

A gruntle is the best word to describe the snout of the pig.
(Why not just say "snout?")

A pig's skin is thickest on its back, where it can be up to one-sixth-inch thick. (Is that where the bacon comes from? Cause, mmmm, bacon.)


limpy99 said...

I think it's the male pig who has the 30 minute orgasm. I remember reading that somewhere. It makes sense though. How many women do you know who'd get orgasmic having sex with an 800 lb. guy who lies around all day covered in their own filth?

And if you do know any such women, could you send me their number?

ptg said...

gives whole new meaning to the "this little piggy went to market..." rhyme.

and while I love bacon - really, really love bacon - I have to admit that the visualization of that fact made me a little nauseous.

Bre said...

Is that where "disgruntled" comes from I wonder?

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Since I sleep on my left side, I must not be a pig (contrary to what my mother used to say).

HST said...

I love orgasms and bacon. This post gets my thumbs up.