Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Told ya. Faith, baby. Faith. You've just gotta have it.

I told you to have faith.
I told you the next post would be upbeat and positive.

Today, while at the incredibly low-paying, yet proving to be high-networking job, I had a message from the interim director of my program. I called her back and she oh, so kindly informed me that because someone dropped out of the program I now have a half-tuition scholarship for both the fall and spring semesters!!!

Let's hear it for free money!

Let's hear it for more money than $300 a month to make ends meet!

Let's hear it for filling out paperwork even though the deadlines have long since passed because you never know. You just never know.
(But,now I do and it says, free money!)
(And that's why I didn't receive one to begin with. Deadline was January. I didn't even apply to the program until May.)


Go, me!

Now, it's nap time.


Old Man Crowder said...

For a minute there, you almost sounded like George Michael. Feel free to expose yourself to me, though...I promise I won't call the cops.

Congrats on the free money.

And scoring a nap, too.

Bre said...

that's so awesome!! Congrats! :)

Bob said...

Yay for $$$.
Yay for zzz.

Woo Hoo, Congrats!

GirlGoyle said...

Maybe now you'll be able to sleep. Free money sure is liberating.

limpy99 said...

No it's not nap time. It's time to go to the package store and spend some of that extra money loading up on booze.

Oh wait, that's what I did when my student loan checks showed up.

Congratulations anyway, that's great news.

ptg said...


Now, I totally recommend you dance around your apartment lip-synching George Michael because, well, it's free money baby!