Monday, September 03, 2007

screaming trees

The title has nothing to do with this post. It just popped in my head and I felt like throwing a 90's grunge group reference out there to the masses. (Or eight readers.)

Anywho. I could write another, "poo on me" post, but I don't want to give in to my fetish readers, so this is a, "eh, life is looking up" post.

1) I felt pretty stupid at my job last week. Something about the combination of menial work and lack of coherent instructions. It will be better this week. I blame the insomnia for the feeling of stupidity and the lack of coherent instructions on my boss.

2) I finally slept. This is proof that the stupidity should be dissipating shortly.

3) However, do to sleeping for the first time in three weeks, I felt pretty run-over all weekend.

4) But it was over 10 solid hours of sleep and it was goooood.

5) If there is a sudden migration of misplaced birds, squirrels, owls, and other woodland creatures; blame me. I've just been killing trees with the printing of research.

6)The killing will continue in earnest this week. I need to hit the papers.

7) The count is up to 37. Thirty-seven papers and two presentations.

8) Several of those papers will be on health insurance policy.

9) *Yawn* Group consensus.

10) I was not part of the consensus.

11) Damn democracy.

12) Today I was hit with an optical migraine. Yeah, it is a mystery as to the reason for the brain hit.

13) Today, I once again, got lost on my way into the adjoining city.

14) Normally I get lost on the way home from the adjoining city, so this was a new development.

15) I know what you're thinking. Do the opposite of whatever I had to do to get there.

16) Duh. Tried that. Doesn't work. Stupid. Simply stupid.

17) And when a person is feeling down and out, those things just add to it.

18) After a quick grocery stop last week I discovered I lost my key chain I bought while I was in Boston.

19) Still upset over that one.

20) I know. Silly. If I was back home, it wouldn't matter. But when away from home with only one friend, and he is married and wants to sleep with me, well, it all adds up.

21) The requests for sex from the married friend were getting old two months ago. Getting really old now.

22) Yes. I've been clear in where I stand with him. He's married. Karma, bad.

23) Beer consumption is up. Mmmmm, Sam Adams in many glorious foamy frothy forms.

24) The man front is looking up. (Huh, that pun wasn't even intended, but it's a keeper.)

25) If you all could keep the words of encouragement and praise coming my way that would be most excellent.

26) I am doubting my choices on a daily basis and in a constant hourly basis.

27) Program choice, what the hell am I doing, why am I doing it now, and on and on, choices.

28) However, with at least six hours of sleep a night, I have faith that this will pass and I will be feeling semi-super-not-dumb any day now.

29) Cause George Michael and Limp Bizkit told me I got to.

30) Have faith, that is.

31) Hmmm, this wasn't very upbeat, was it.

32) The next one will be better.

33) Have faith.


GirlGoyle said...

Sounds like you could've really used a 3 day weekend right about now!

Bob said...

25. Way to go. Wow!!! that's great! Attagirl...

Hey, you waded out this far already, might as well see what's on the other side.

limpy99 said...

Well, if you lived closer I'd send you a case of Sam Adams Octoberfest, which I was just tickled shitless to see has hit the stores recently. But since I don't, I'll just tell you to go buy some before I drink all of it.

Bre said...

Details on the man front, s'il vous plait!

Also, I did very little this weekend but sleep and watch an "America's Next Top Model" marathon.... it was gooooood!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Life is boring without surprises and change. Now that sleep has refreshed you, may excitement really awaken you. BTW, how does open lost going from one town to another? Never mind: I just remembered the time I lived in Maryland and worked in D.C.

ptg said...

I prefer another classic Limp Bizkit tune - "I did it all for the nookie." Although it may not technically apply in this situation, it does make it seem at least a little funnier.

Sleep more. Sleep is good. Sleeping after Sam Adams? Even better.

Party Girl said...

GG: I ws infintely grateful for the three days off. No homework until late Monday night. Very late. Hello, not sleeping again.

Bob: that works. Mostly I just don't want to be a quitter or a failure. Or more to the point, have my brothers make fun of me. That's motivation enough.

Limpy: ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh, no you don't. My crisper is filled with Sam Adam's Summer lager, and Honey Amber.
The Honey Amber is really good for deglazing a skillet when you burn the hamburgers cause the stove dials make no freakin' sense.

Bre: too soon. I'llgive details when I have more.
You got the top models. I got Dirty Jobs and No Reservations.

Oddly enough I am refering to TV marathons, but I like it better when refered to my life.

Nick: Cause it's stupid. It is a direct trip on the main road to the other city; doesn't it simply make sense it would be a direct drive back on the same road going in the opposite direction?
Thats what I thought
I thought wrong

PTG: Well, if the insomnia and the feelings of, 'what the hell' were all because of the nookie, it would just be called Thursday.

Please! Send the sleep fairies my way. I can't keep going to bed at 2-3 in the morning and waking to the sound of church bell chimes a.k.a my alarm, at 7.

Oh, and drinking beer before bed doesn't help.
Neither does masturbating.

I need a plan C

Party Girl said...

Limpy: wow, I got the beers totally wrong. Just to verify I went to the crisper to clarify my brain. The crisper is filled with:
Summer Ale and Honey Amber.

Whatever, I call both, gooooood.

Jay said...

I would like to take this opportunity to request sex with you.

And no, I'm not married. (perish the thought!)


HST said...

Things are looking up for me on the man front as well. So I toast HURRAH! to BOTH of us:)

Guilty Secret said...

Sounds like you're halfway there...

Party Girl said...

Jay: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell, that's a no brainer. =0)
(and thanks for the email.)

HST: Whoo-hoo! Let me go to the crisper to celebrate!

GS: Well, more like three weeks in, but I get your meaning.