Thursday, September 20, 2007

more beer please

Just a quick update on the life of a poor, but eager to network grad student.

So remember that incredibly low-paying, but hopefully high-networking job I go to everyday? Well, I attend a lot of meetings...a lot of meetings, on behalf of this low-paying and low-budgeted program (The Women and Gender Studies program and on behalf of the Gender Org. (their organization.) That group that I somehow became the president of) Anyway, so I attended a meeting yesterday. In the process of getting ready for the meeting I asked my boss what I needed to do to get prepared for it. Turns out I am a board member of this particular group. Yep. I am a board member of this all-important group all without even trying or being aware of it. How 'bout them apples?

So, I decided to quickly put together a list of things that I have haphazardly gotten myself involved with, involved in, appointed to, and generally swash-buckled, bamboozled, and Shanghaied into:

Gender Org. president, (still have no idea or clue how.) Wrote and was awarded funds for the Pepsi Grant, (Go, me!) Board member of influential cultural group, (no idea.) Homecoming organizer,(this I am aware of and know how and why I am a part of it. However, I am WAY more involved than I ever intended to be.) Board member of the Dean's Advisory Board, (no clue.) Institutional Review Board member (Have no idea what-so-ever what that is or what it means. I will find out (hopefully) come Wednesday October 3rd at 4:00 p.m. and be wiser come 6 p.m.) Public Policy Member. (Notice that one is not Women's and Gender Studies or Gender Org. related. Why? Because my actual Master's degree will be in Public Policy, not Women's and Gender Studies. So, that one makes sense.) (I like it when things make sense. You could say I am a big fan of all things sensical.) (Sure, it's a word.)(I just deemed it as such.)

Anyway, resume is being padded nicely. Brain cells are tired. Mind is tired. Eyes don't look tired. (Thanks, Cover Girl) Have killed all trees belonging to WA and OR. So sorry about that. Northern CA is next, just FYI.) Tuesday I was uber frustrated. Today I am better , but Thursdays are really long 8:30-9 straight through, no breaks. Exhausting. And I need to buckle down. Calendar is way too full. Beer drinking = not enough. (and actually my beer consumption has increased 12 fold.) (and making fun of the 20-something's at the bar last night was quite entertaining.) I need more of that.


GirlGoyle said...

when in doubt....head for the liquor cabinet I've been told. I know my consumption should increase too. Take it in stride girl. It will all fall into place and then you'll wake up and exhaustion addict like myself. :)

Bre said...

Doesn't it feel good to realize that your resume is going to be bangin' when you leave this job?

I love that feeling!

Nick said...

It's funny how that works doesn't it? As it turns out with boards, many of them are made up of representatives from other boards automatically.

Never sign up to be on one, without knowing whether that automatically puts you on another.

But your resume will rock.

limpy99 said...

I'm thinking of starting some kind of public policy group just so you accidentally join it and we can drink.

ptg said...

you need one more committee -- the public policy of alcohol consumption and its' influence on women and gender comparisons: a study.

I think it sounds FABulous.

appletini said...

You really need more beer, but wow! Nice list!

Party Girl said...

GG: I have the feeling this is how the rest of my life will go. I seriously have no problem saying no, it really is all about opportunity, networking, future, and the hopes for more money.

Bre: Ah, I needed those words. I have to remember that I did this for a reason and that reason is my future resume.

Nick: No, really, I didn't ask to be part of any of those. My boss asked if I could attend, I said sure. I said I wanted to help with homecoming, ta dah! Grant writing. I said that the Gender Org was in desperate help and I wanted to be that help= sparkly resume. Honest.

Limpy: That membership I would gladly pay the dues, keep my card sparkly, and be on time to the meetings!

ptg: ew, ew! Pick me! Pick me!

....I wonder if I can make that my Master's thesis..?

Apple: I (literally) jus broght home a nice cold six-pack of Sam Adams Octoberfest.