Tuesday, September 05, 2006

hottie of the week: Duff Goldman

He's my new addiction on the Food Network, Ace of Cakes.
It's his shaved head, the flavor saver goatee, the little gut, and his cool, outgoing, doesn't crack under pressure, fun attitude.
Oh, and he cooks- bakes no less.
Yep, that pretty much does it for me.
Yeah, I know, I'm so easy to please.


AeroAangel said...

hey...i cook and bake...i don't have a shaved head or a goatee though...but i do have nice you-know-whats, a shaved something else, and a fairly flat stomach...hehe...pick me pick me!

AngryMan said...

Ah yes, sexually explicit conversation over a computer. What could be hotter?

Yeah, him. said...

He kind of looks like the guy from Live, but then again, I haven't slept right... yeah well.

have a good week.

Party Girl said...

aero: annnndddd, done. Cook, bake, you're shaved, and a fairly flat stomach...and sold!

Angry: Sexual explicit conversations in person? I'm just gonna run with that one. Or sexual explicit phone sex..? Again, just guessing.

Yeah, him: you're right, he does.
And what do you mean, 'you haven't slept right?'
I haven't slept with him...but...then again I haven't had sex in a few..so, you know, my idea of hot has changed a bit....naw, I'd still find him hot.