Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Power of One: Jackie Robinson

Because as he stood on home plate they called him everything but his name.
Because as he ran the bases they cheered his name.
Because even though they yelled and cheered his name with each home run he hit they still didn't respect him.
Because with all of that he still came out of the dugout to be cheered and jeered during each game.
Jackie Robinson


GirlGoyle said...

You ought to watch the movie Glory Road....if you get a chance.

puerileuwaite said...

He was a remarkable human being. It's amazing and disgusting how much hate he had to endure. His sacrifice (no pun intended) moved America one big step closer toward the dream of us all being one (human) race, and treating each other as such.

Party Girl said...

GG: that movie sounds really familiar, I'll see it again or check it out. Thanks.

P: yes he did. It's amazing what he put up with, the hypocrisy of the crowd who came to cheer while jeering at him was just one of them.

Great man.