Friday, September 01, 2006

I'm famous!

...and I didn't even know it.

I was stopped in the hall mere minutes ago.

Him: "Hey, congratulations!"
PG: "On what?"
Him: "On being published, on your story."
PG: "Ohmigosh! I didn't even know it was out!"
More praises of enthusiasm from him.

He starts to walk away...

Him: "It isn't true is it?"
Fuckity, fuck, fuck, this is what I was afraid of...
PG: "Um, it is if you want it to be, it's not if you don't want it to be."
Him: "Oh, now, c'mon, don't tell me that. I'm not an educated writer. Is it?"
With total hesitation, "Yeah, it's true. Unfortunately, it's true. It happened."
Even through his darkened sunglasses I can see sadness cross into his eyes and go through his mind. "Oh, I wouldn't have thought that. Well, keep it up. You're an excellent writer."
PG: "Well, thank you. It was the first thing I've written in about a decade, first thing I submitted. I have since sent other stories out to other publishers."
Him: "Good, good! It's amazing..."
He walks away.
I leave immediatly to go find some copies of the magazine. When I find one I flip it open, there I am, right after the cover, the title of my story and below it, my name. My name in print.
I have very mixed feelings about it being published, mostly because of the, "It isn't true, is it?" response and also if certain family members, namely my dad, saw it. However, how very fucking cool. My name is in print.

update: Here's the link to when Iposted the story previously on the blog


Party Girl said...

I'll link to the story later today. I can't link from this computer. However, it's the story about my dad that most of you have already read.

puerileuwaite said...

Way to go! I look forward to the link, so I can read it for myself.

Deborah said...

That's amazing! I have to say, I envy you. I've wanted to see my name in print for countless years. I sent random stories and stuff to publisher, but to no avail. Anyway, I'd like to read the story one of these days.

AeroAangel said...

i haven't already read it...what magazine?

Party Girl said...

It's a state publication.

I've made a lot of changes to it since it was submitted for publication. I still see a lot more changes that need to be made. However, this is the story as it will appear. Minus the title.

Oh, hows this for irony. I found out one story was published today and then I come home and what should I find in my mailbox? A rejection letter for another story I have out there. Ah, too funny. Life is all about balance.

Twisted DNA said...

Cool! Congratulations!

Tom Serafini, Actor to the Stars! said...

Congratulations and it's official; I hate you; you're a published author.

GirlGoyle said...

Well that is excellent. As was the story. Not to worry about the "is it true" comment. Most of the time it's the experience and the heartfelt that make the story as deep as it is. And it has a happy ending which we all like. Kudos to you for having the balls to send it out to publishers. I always thought my life story would be interesting to others but have never chanced it. So tonight I drink to published friend and ballsy alter ego.

puerileuwaite said...

Does "Unknown Vandal" count? Because, if so, then some of my best work HAS ACTUALLY been published.

gone said...

Good for you! Writing well is more than just employing basic skills of grammar and composition effectively. To get to a level where others are moved by your words is a gift; a gift that requires endless hours of practice and tons of patience as well as an ego that can afford to be occasionally rocked.
I am glad to be linked to your work:)

gone said...

My dad died suddenly of a heart attack when I was a young man. I had never said, "I love you, Dad."
The first and last time the words left my mouth occurred as I stood over his casket wondering if I would ever forgive myself for not saying those simple words sooner.

Crashtest Comic said...

I could say I knew you when.

Don't forget the little people.

(Are there high heels in the story?)

AeroAangel said...

very moving story...thank you for sharing. i almost cried--almost. so that's the final cut eh?

Party Girl said...

aeroa: That's the fimal cut that was published. Like I said, I've changed it a lot..a lot a lot. It's now in the present tense and I've seen many places for improvement, but hey, what do I know, the publishers seemed to like it. Also, from cutting and pasting it onto the blog the format was changed.

,...I did think it was my best piece. I have long since changed that thinking. Time to move on.

Neil said...

Congrats... terrific. And it is a great piece.

Dirty Bunny said...

I never read it until now. I'm so glad you got published, for you and for me, because I never would have come across it otherwise. Excellent. Excellent.

Party Girl said...

Neil: Thanks.

Bunny: Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

Karl said...

Congrats. :)