Sunday, September 24, 2006

parking lot babble

Conversation with Nick in the school parking lot on Saturday morning before my class.

PG: This G-string is rubbing against all my fun parts in the most ticklish-fun-I-want-sex-right-now sort of way.

Nick: Yeah. Thanks for sharing. Not a lot I can, or am willing, to do about that.

PG: Damn it! Me and my gays.

As a result of Nick's unwillingness to help I had to suffer through my Shakespeare class horny. Very horny. Or as old Shakes would say, "Thou wast very randy in thoust rose bud female knowledge..."
Yes. Yes thoust wasist.


TrappedInColorado said...

OMG! You are a riot! Yeah, well, at least when you are horny you can't tell.. when I am horny I can't get up from my desk... plus I heard the if a woman crosses her legs and swings her foot up and down she can get off... :)

puerileuwaite said...

Alas Party Girl's G-String. I knew it well.

So c'mon, let me Capulet a feel.

I'd like to tame your shrew, baby!

Tom Serafini, Actor to the Stars! said...

YEah, so uh, if they're bothering you you could always mail 'em to me. That'll get 'em out of yer hair.

Phollower said...

"...rose bud female knowledge..." That's awesome. I'm totally gonna use that one on The Spousal Unit. How would Bill have said "suck and flick with my tongue?"

GirlGoyle said...

hahahaha!! I now think of William S. in a whole different light. I wonder what he would've been able to come up with (in literary terms) had he been introduced to G-strings. The power of the tongue...I mean verse...i mean...never mind....

Party Girl said...

Trapped: Who let out the swinging leg, secret??? WHo?!?!?!

P: There is always a party in my G-string.

Tom: I am UPS'ing it to you know. Unwashed, of course.

PH: Glad I could help.
"Thoust lick of thy serpent's tongue on thine rose bud, is the sweetest lick of all..."

GG: "Thy panties that rub thy rose bud in the sweetest kiss, is how I wishest I could rub thy rose bud all thy day be long..."

Phollower said...

PG- THAT'S IT!!! I am totally gonna score with that one.