Tuesday, July 11, 2006

hottie of the week: Henry Rollins

Because he would tell me exactly how it is, without any bullshit.
He is incredibly intelligent and not afraid to show it.
He is outspoken and not afraid to say any of it.
He is who he is and well, that's pretty fucking awesome.
He's hot.
He's handsome.
He's Henry Rollins.

“All you need is one guy or girl to stand up and say ‘fuck this!’…and all of a sudden, ‘fuck this’ has a backbeat.” Henry Rollins


Sarah said...

Oh I used to love him. In fact, I had an orgasm at a Henry Rollins concert back around 1992 (had smoked a LOT of pot and was really feeling it, LOL).
It's the only time something like that has happened from live music, and I've seen some amazing shows. He just oozed sex up there.

Egan said...

Yep, you nailed all the highpoints. He's always fun to hear on radio interviews.

Egan said...

Sarah, you rule by the way for sharing that tidbit of info.

GirlGoyle said...

Ho...hummmm!!!! I want to lick his face. :)

Will said...

I'm just going to stop reading your blog if you're gonna put shit like this up.

puerileuwaite said...

I'd be a shorter list to name concerts where I didn't have an orgasm.

I was on another planet for Styx / REO. Oh, the memories. I need to start going with other people to these things, you know, just for variety.

Anyhoo, I didn't mean to brag.

SB said...

man, you ain't lying. That guy is smoking hot!

puerileuwaite said...

This week on "Secrets Revealed"!

What would Jim Carrey look like on steroids?

Party Girl said...

Sarah: Color me jealous. Both that you saw him and also that you saw him while having an orgasm.

Egan: I love hearing his comments in various documentaries. Also, the very, very few comments that are shown of him on the VH1, "I love the..." series, way better than most of the others.

GG: I want to lick his brain. Either one.

Will: Smell ya later....

P: Okay, please share.

SB: Thanks for stopping by and,yes.

P: Oh, that's a good one. Scarily true.

Sheen V said...

"If you could see the you that I see when I see you see me, you'd see yourself so differently, believe me." Rollins rocks!