Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Power of One: You have $114 million

I've read how many of you hate your job, your living situation, those around you, those beneath you, your lack of money, where you live and what you live in. You want your life to change. You want power you want money and influence.

For this week's power of one, I give you $114 million to do what ever you want with.
This amount is after taxes; it's free and completely clear, you have $114 million. You have the power and influence. Tell me what you're going to do with it.

I'll tell you what I will be doing with mine, tomorrow.


TrappedInColorado said...

I had written a huge response and was reminded of the fact that big money is very very hard work. Keep it. Except for 2 mill, tax free.


Joefish said...

$100 millions dollars worth of beer, $14 million dollars worth of Cheez Whiz.

Karl said...

Throw Party Girl a big freaking party. Pay off all my debt. Pay off my parents' houses. Pay for my daughters' college tuition for the next several years. Move to either California or Seattle, but a house there.

Charities galore. Travel.

After that, who knows? Just chill a while.

Kuflax said...

I'd probably spend about three quarters of it on booze and cheap women. The rest, I'd prolly just waste.

-Semi famous quote, too lazy to look up who said it first.

Egan said...

This is a serious question right?

GirlGoyle said...

Wow $114Mill is way more than it takes to change my life. I am not looking for power or money. Just looking for just enough to stop worrying and working so damn hard for ingrates. So with that $114 Mill I'd share it with my family and friends hoping to change their lives. I'd keep enough to allow me (and my partner, or kept man LOL) to live comfortably (not in extreme luxury!) and never to work for someone else again. Or let alone work at all. I'd give a good portion of it to charity and make sure that my volunteer program is assured life forever. I'd do a couple of distance adoptions. I'd set up a fund to help young free spirits like myself follow their dreams. I'd spend my leisure time traveling to places I've wanted to see and actually take the time to "live them" as a native. I'd spend the rest of my time working in and out of camps to help the needy in Africa. I might even go back to school, vet school, just because i can afford to pay tuition. I'd ride around in a Hummer of the old H1 kind. I did say live comfortably didn't I?

GirlGoyle said...

Oh...and I'd go up to my boss and tell him what a phuck stick i think he is. Now that I have more money than him...maybe I'd buy him out and then fire his ass. Ha!!! Justice.

puerileuwaite said...

I really like kuflax' line. I've heard it before too. A classic.

But in reality, I would take care of friends and family; providing just enough to pave the way for good lives, but not so much that they become unmotivated to achieve anything on their own.

Then I would move to a sparsely populated tropical locale - an island, preferably. Boat, fish, read, travel to places I've always wanted to see, and visit ski resorts in the winter. I would live comfortably, but not decadently.

I would also donate to charities, especially those that help women, children and animals. I would anonymously help individuals that are in dire need.

I would also have an interest in supporting the campaigns of political candidates who I believe in. Ones that are not part of the Democratic and Republican (ESPECIALLY the Republican) mainstreams. I would do what I can to help ensure that we have more than 2 "viable" parties someday to choose from when selecting our leaders.

There's more, but these would get me started.

wavslidn said...

I would travel the world playing golf - after I quit my job. I would throw a party for PR & me -wherever and whatever you want. Other than that, just relax.

Party Girl said...

Egan: This is a totally serious question. I honestly want to know what each of you would do. In all honesty, sincerity, truly; what would you do with $114 million?

Mark said...

Well, I would donate a big hunk of it to where I work so they could name a new building after me. Quit my job and become a full-time photographer/traveller. Buy a little place in the upper peninsula of MI. Open a used bookstore there. Serve good coffee and have fun.

JJ said...

Not much. Quit my job, remodel my house to add a workout room, by a big TV. I'm pretty happy with my life. Oh, and pay for my kids' college. That's about it. Nothing spectacular. Oh, and hire killers to take out all the people on my list. It's a long list.

ePixie29 said...

As someone who is not currently rich, I agree with trapped that I think the money would be very hard work, and I agree with kuflax, that I'd probably just waste it. Poor people don't really know what to do with money so when we win the lottery we usually have to claim bankruptcy in a few years.

Really, I'd try not to waste it and I would really want to pay off my debt, my family's debt, set up a college scholarship fund or five, give to lots of charities (breast cancer foundation, for example), quit my job and travel. And I would feel very selfish for not working and doing whatever I wanted and spending so much money.

jmeped said...

Travel and have wild exciting times with every native I meet. And help all the villages along the way however I could.

Acid Lizard said...

Too much money to contemplate...Of course the debt, both myine and my parents, would be gone. Set up college funds and trust funds for my siblings and kid. Buy a large apartment building downtown so that all of my friends had a place close by me to live. Open up a coffee shop on Franklin Street so that they had a place to work(and I could get a decent cup of coffee downtown). Build new facilities for all of the no-kill animal shelters in the area. Give some money to the salvation army in our area so they can get more beds for our growing homeless population. Put the rest away for other community projects that need it. Take a trip to Ireland and meet my girlfriends family.

Oh, and take $100,000 and prank my best friend. I don't know exactly what I would do, but with a hundred large, I'm sure it would be phenomenal.

Bre said...

Pay off every cent of debt that my immediate family has accumulated. Set up college funds for all my baby cousins and for my brother. Buy my sister a store wherever she wants one. Buy a new car. Buy a house. Start a scholarship fund. Buy an awful lot of shoes and purses.

THE DUKE said...

Split into 3rds. 1/3 - long term investments to maintain equity for future wants/needs. 1/3 - casual spending,travel,living. 1/3 - create and run a philanthropic foundation donating to meaningful medical research. That WOULD be a lot of work!

Party Girl said...

Trapped: You make a good argument. 2 million it is.

Joe: Two words: Bloaty constipation.
I would either spend the next years of my life pooping or wishing I could.


Karl: Thanks for the party. Me likes a party.
I like the, 'travel galore.'

Kuflax: Yeah, I can't think who said it either. Bill Murray, or someone like that?

GG: I think you and I should go into business together.

P: I think you need to join GG and I.

Waves: Me? A party?, Why, thank you. That's alotta golf.

Mark: That sounds very nicely simple. The quite unassuming man who opens a little coffee shop, on his death bed everyone finds out he is a gazillionair.

JJ: That's very sweet. It sounds like your life is quite nice, as is.

ePix: Simple, sometimes is best.

jm: Thanks for stopping. I hope you do often. Get to know the natives, huh. That's a lot of parties, dancing naked by the fire, and being led into the mud hut.

AL: That would be some nice prank. Film it, please for all to see.

I like the coffee shop and apartment idea. A place for your friends to work and place for you all to hangout.

Bre: That's a lotta shoes. But, believe me, I understand. Let's see, I have over 100 many would 114 million buy?

Duke: Good strategy. It would be a lot of work, but I have a feeling it would all be worth it in the end.

Tom Serafini, Actor to the Stars! said...

First; get myself out of the nearly $400,000 debt hanging over my head, Second; buy a house with some land for fun stuff, Third; get all the film eqipment I need to shoot a bunch of shorts (or simply buy my way into the William Morris agency) 4th; pay off all the family debt, 5th; pay you for a series of skin pics (what the hell, I'm rich) 6th; there are some animal welfare charities I've always said I'd be good to...7th; travel so I can write about it and finally get that series of novels out of my head, and finally, I'd invest the rest of it so I can make it grow for the future. Oh, did I mention throwing some your way for some flesh shots? The new Mustang too, can't forget that.

HST said...

Sorry I'm a little late on this one, actually been WORKING at work, who knew?!

hmmm.....I'd (of course) pay off all my debt. Pay off all my familie's debt. Pay for my brother in law to get his pilot's license, Pay for my sister to start her own card making company. Buy my mother a bookstore to run. Give my dad enough money to retire and start an independant scenic design business. Pull strings and spend as much money as I need so my brother can be on air talent for espn. Buy several houses all over the place. Start my own theatre company and direct whatever plays I want. Donate ass loads of money to groups that work to educate about safe sex and contraception. Volunteer to work with them after I donate ass loads of money to them. Set up a home gym and never use it cause I'm too busy having sex and making plays.

Phollower said...

The first thing I'd do is put in my 2 weeks notice. I'm not married to my job or anything but the boss has been good to me and he doesn't deserve to have me leave him high and dry.
Naturally all debt would be gone, yadda yadda. But for the spending? I'd spruce up the house a bit. The Spousal Unit and I would each get whatever car we wanted. We'd build the cabin on her dad's land that we're always talking about. And then I'd go hiking. Everywhere. I hear Iceland has great hiking and hot springs to soak in afterward. I want to hike the AT before I die, looks like I'll be able to afford to do that now. I'm fairly certain my wife would keep working, that's just how she is. So, all in all, I don't think things would be that much different. I'd just have cheap, immigrant labor do most of my work.

Alessandra said...

leave my job, travel around the world, give one fourth of it to various charities and buy webdate*dot*com so i can have all the hot guys i want