Sunday, August 27, 2006

After almost a week off from work and school I am back to my good old self, again. Or here’s proof that I am the lowest maintenance woman alive

I managed to get almost an entire week off from work. I went in for a couple hours on Monday, but I had someone else cover for me on Friday. Back to school on Saturday, but I'm going to avoid that subject.
Monday, after I left work I got in my car, hit the back roads and brought my camera with me.
I saw two movies, "The Break-Up," (pretty good, actually) and the "Barnyard." (Best for audiences under five years of age.)
I painted (I don't have pictures, yet) I read an entire book (Mrs. Kimble, by Jennifer Haige) cover to cover and started another one. (Drop City, by T.C. Boyle) I tanned, I relaxed, I worked-out, I breathed. I didn't sleep in. I cleaned, I organized, I rearranged. I breathed and relaxed. It was awesome. I talked to some new people and I talked with some old people who I lost contact with. It was awesome. I breathed.


TrappedInColorado said...

Sounds like a reaffirming and revitaizing week. Now get back to work you slacker! How dare you leave the rest of us here in our ruts!

Seriously .. good for you. I wish I would take a week off and not go anywhere to visit anyone. Just lark. I'm envious.


puerileuwaite said...

What? No nudity? Sorry, that's way too high-maintenance for me.

Crashtest Comic said...

I lived a whole year like that and ended up with the Gout.

Old Man Crowder said...

I'm glad that through all of your activities, you remembered to breathe. That's fairly important, whether you're at work, school or on vacation, I'd say.

Hey puer...I don't remember seeing anything about "getting dressed", so my assumption is that she was naked the entire time. Makes for a much better mental image.

puerileuwaite said...

I'm with you, OMC. Especially in that cemetery, as it covers at least two of my fantasies at the same time.

Tom Serafini, Actor to the Stars! said...

nice to have that temporary sanity, ain't it.

Karl said...

Wow, what made you go see "Barnyard?" I enjoy animation, too, that one just didn't seem appealing to me.

Party Girl said...

Trapped: It was SOOOO nice. So relaxing to just do things that needed to be done, but was happy to do them and then to also do some artsy/creative things.

P: I figured the nakedness was assumed. You should always assume nakedness with me.

Crash: Oh, my. Well, that' simply not safe.

OMC: well, I like to point the obvious, sometimes. Breathing, as a way not to die, is a good thing.

Tom: Temporary is the key word. I have a feeling it will be leaving me soon.

Karl: For some reason I thought it looked funny. I also thought, hey, nice brain break. I seriously almost walked out. Best for ages five and under.

Party Girl said...

Crashtest Comic said...

when you start feeling insane, just rememeber: leave the heels on.