Friday, August 04, 2006

just askin': If we were all the same

While reading an article about China and its economic implications on the U.S., I had a thought. It was a thought that didn't really have anything to do with China per se, but more about all people in all countries. My thought was, what if we were all the same?

What if we were all one color, one shape, one size, one hair and eye color, one language, one religion, one philosophy? Would it be one huge utopia or one huge boring sphere of C-SPAN type commentary? What if the only differing element was education? Sure, let's mix it up a little. Okay, so we are all the same except for education. Education is still based on how education works now; family, circumstance, free-will, money, ambition. Okay, yeah (I'm thinking and typing at the same time, bear with me) the only differing factor is education.
So, would that cause trouble? Race, religion, looks would now be replaced with education and lack thereof causing wars and such, or would we simply find something else to make us want to kerplat those who we deem to be different, therefore inferior to us?


Old Man Crowder said...

Would you end up with the dumb people attacking the smart people because the smart ones were able to get the better jobs, earn more money and buy better stuff while the dumb folk sit there with their proverbial finger up their nose?

TrappedInColorado said...

Wow. You are deep. You are too intelligent for me. Closing my checkbook and going home.

Egan said...

Something would likely cause a rift, whether it be education or the part of town you were raised. Sadly I think we would still find shit to bicker about. Have a good weekend.

Jay said...

It is inherent in humans to catagorize. Decrease the differentiating factors between us to as low a number as you like, in this case one, and society will put you in your place.

puerileuwaite said...

This one was worth it just to see Jay comment on something other than TNF ;-)

Pyrhonik said...

I have faith that humans would find inferiority regardless of circumstance. I know this is shitty and cynical, but it's my first thoughts after reading this.

Mistress Regina said...

Come, explore, join us. I'm sure you will fit in very well.

Jay said...

Once in a great while I do take my hand off of my dick long enough to write something intelligent. :)

Bre said...

Oh lord, can you imagine how much harder that would make my job when they started to catergorize by how many comma splices people used? Yesh!

Jay's correct - people will use completely arbitrary things to judge other people.

AngryMan said...

Are you a member of the Borg?

Party Girl said...

OMC: Sadly, probably.

Trapped: Damn! Once again my brain gets in the way, crap! My secret's out. Boobs, brains, and beauty. It's a curse, really.

Egan: I think bickering and infighting is inevitable.

Jay: I think you have a point. I think we always find something that makes us better or at least in our opinion seem better than the guy standing next to us
..and I do love it when you take a moment to leave your dick alone and tickle my brain.

P: Yes, I do miss him the other days of the week. He is such a tease. Then again, it takes one to know one.

Py: Shitty, yes, but probably true.

Bre: Ah, the comma splice. I know it well.

Angry: It's a secret society so I can't say.