Monday, August 07, 2006

random facts

I have absolutely nothing to post about today. Some may argue that this is no different than any other day.
So, I give you some very random facts about myself. And boy howdy are we talking random.

I always have gum. I believe in fresh breath. Never know when fresh breath will be needed. Which is that fresh breath is always needed.

I watched pretty much nothing but documentaries this past weekend. When I told Billy this, he asked me if I was high all weekend. Sadly, no.

I love documentaries. Therefore this past weekend was quite enjoyable.

I always sneeze at least 4 times in a row. Sometimes 8-10 times. Seeing as your heart stops when you sneeze, I am sure this is how I am going to die. By sneezing. If you sneeze with your eyes open they will pop out of your head. Okay, that's not true, but I love telling people that. Try it. Can't be done. Can't sneeze with your eyes open. Think about what that would look like. Big 'ol freakazoid.

I am very territorial in terms of movie theaters. One of my favorite things is to go to the movies by myself. Don't judge me on this. I dated a guy who was very judgmental about the whole, movie theater aloneness, issue. I had to stop seeing him as a result. Think about it. Can't talk, can't see (which can come in handy, but that's for another day) quiet, let the big screen in front of me take me in, alone time. I sit in the last row right under the projector. I am not happy if this seat is taken. I'm not happy if this seat has people within one seat of this seat. I don't like it when the entire theater is empty yet someone sits right in front of me. So, I get passive-aggressive and put my feet on the seat in front of me until the movie starts. I always order a medium buttery with a medium Dr. Pepper. Only time I drink pop. Ah, perfect.
I also never see a movie opening weekend. Too crowded. I always wait a few weeks, my favorite is to go the last week it's showing at the theater. Ever had an entire theater to yourself? Oh, I always feel so fancy.

I saw, "Monter House," this weekend. Cute movie. The popcorn was dee-lish.

I had the same cell phone number for 10 years and never memorized it.
I got a new number this past winter. I had it memorized in seconds.

I am an incredibly light sleeper, yet I will sleep right through a thunderstorm, no matter how loud.

I LOVE thunderstorms. The electricity in the air? The smell? The, I want to have sex right now, feeling. Yum.

I have only felt true loneliness once in my life.

But I felt all alone laying next to my(ex-)boyfriend.

I own over a 100 pairs of shoes. All are still in their boxes, all with a description on the box of what is inside.

I sing best in my car, alone, with the windows rolled up.

I have several friends who will agree with that last statement.

I have absolutely no fear when it comes to making a fool out of myself or embarrassing myself.

I am terrified of heights.

I tried to overcome that fear when I was 21. I bungee jumped, dove off of 50 ft cliffs, and was thrown over 100 feet in the air.
I looked like a heroin addicted when it was all over.

I am still scared of heights.

I did all the above because I had just had pre-cancerous tissue on my cervix removed and a lump removed from my left breast. I went in with the attitude, well that didn't kill me and I only live once.

The scar on my left breast is still visible.

Laughter is my crack cocaine.

I am the class clown. The wise-ass, smart-ass, quick with the one-liners, class clown.

My humor needs to be seen and heard to be fully appreciated.

To post things like this is scarier for me than posting a picture of me naked.

That last sentence gave me pause.

That's all for now.


jmeped said...

I love to go to the movies by my self too! More than with anyone else, the talking and breathing in and out. I will kill them....

Bre said...

I'm afraid of sneezing while I'm driving because I close my eyes... I don't like to take them off the road!

100 pairs! I knew you were fabulous before, but now you're even more so! I once counted my shoes, and I had 98 pairs, but that was years ago and I've definately acquired more... I'm sortof afraid to count now! Mine aren't still in their boxes however, they're in a big ole shoe organizer.

Old Man Crowder said...

Loved the bungee jumping story.

"Looked like a heroin addict" -- I'm still chuckling!

SB said...

LOVE the line "laughter is my crack cocaine..." LOVE IT!

and that is AMAZING that you bungeed. I am way too much of a wuss to even think about that. I would toss my cookies just looking over a brochure for it, I know.

puerileuwaite said...


TrappedInColorado said...

Movies... amazing how similar our routines are. We'd be perfect movie buddies. You can sit on the top row center and I will be in my desired middle row center. Ofcourse, the tickets, popcorn and pop will be on me (money wise.. if you throw the popcorn and/or pop on me there will be I mean trouble).

Party Girl said...

jm: Last week this lady sat right next to me. There were, oh I don't know, 8 empty seats on the other side of me. I got up and moved over. Throughout the entire movie she said things like, "oh, I wonder what's going to happen?" "Oh, there he is." "Look at that."...and on and on. Grrrrr

Bre: Takes one Ms. Fab-u-lous to know one.
I haven't counted in awhile, but it's well over 100.

OMC: Ah, my crack.
I was so beat up. My hair, legs, thighs one big bruise. I'm talking serious addict looking.

SB: I was SO nervous. The longer I waited the more I wanted to throw-up. I laughed the entire time down. Huge laughter, laughter as I swung back and forth...lots and lots of laughter. The cliff jumping. I had to climb up the side of the cliff and jump was the only way down. I gradually made my way up higher and higher, no problem. Then I got to the top. It took a I mean a're still not getting it...A LOT of coaxing to get me to jump. All of sudden the fear was all there. Only one way down..had to jump.
Serious wedgie as a result. No, I mean, serious wedgie. If I was a boy the prostate would have been cleaned, checked and okay'd.

P: I see my words of wisdom are being passed on to you.

Trapped: OR we could have sex in the movie theater. See the: wait until it's almost out of the theater comment...just sayin'.

Karl said...

Wow, now I'm even more fascinated by you than I was before. You know I'm freaky about my movies, too. We'd get along great. In separate theaters. ;)

Jay said...

And now... random facts about Jay.

First, the similarities between Jay and Party Girl:

Documentaries? Love 'em!

Thunderstorms? The very thought of sex with you during a... a... Hooah!!!!

Fear of heights? I tried the same things at 19 to overcome my fears. Bungee jumping AND sky diving! I stopped trying when on my 15th dive, my 10th solo, my primary chute didn't open and I had to pull my secondary.

And now, the other stuff.

I have a mild case of OCD. While driving, I am keenly aware of the relationship between time, speed, and distance. When driving long distances, I constantly recalculate the amount of time it will take me to get to my destination based upon my current speed and the distance traveled. I will do this recalculation upwards of 15 times a day.

I have an interesting relationship with numbers. I can store many of them in my head: my phone number, Social Security number, Driver's License number, the license plates for both my car and truck, the license plate for my truck's trailer, and both of my credit cards.

Yet my math skills are dismal. Without a calculator I am useless.

I rarely see movies in the theater. The last movie I saw there was "Good Night, and Good Luck". Before that, the last installment of "The Matrix".

I have been driving professionally for 9 years. In that time I have logged on 795,000+ miles and counting. This figure doesn't include the miles I have put on my personal vehicle. I have been driving over the road for a total of a year and a half within those 9 years, which means that most of those miles were driven locally.

I am 6'3 and weigh 255 pounds. My father is 5'6 and weighs 135. My mother is 5'7 and 120.

I haven't ruled out the mailman just yet.

This last sentence gives me pause as well. ;P

Party Girl said...


I don't know how my hair could be bruised. I meant to say, My arms, legs, thighs...maybe even my ass, was one big bruise.

Party Girl said...

Karl: Thanks. I know you're freaky abuot your movies. Since you wrote your post about your movie routine I've chuckled to myself when I've been at the movies and realized how I am.
Wayyyy passive-aggressive at the theater

Party Girl said...

Jay: The similarities between me and you.

I watched basically nothing but documentaries this past weekend.
Want to know something about: Valley Forge, the Crusades, the Parthenon, Pyramids? Navy Seals???

I am slightly OCD as well, but it's in terms of my schedule and such. I don't think I'm all that organized, but I've had a few jaws drop open when I tell them my Sunday routine for the week. It simply makes sense to me to make my week's lunches on Sunday so all I have to do is pull it out of the fridge each day. And how hard is it to set my clothes out the night before???

I know I have to leave for my class by 4:30 and be at the
by-pass by 5 to make it to class by exactly 5:30.

I can calculate the most complicated math problem in my head sans paper and high as a kite, but give me a simple algebra problem on a piece of paper and watch the panic set in.

You, me, sex, thunderstorm? The little hairs on the back of my neck are already tingly.

The thought of sky diving makes me want to vomit.

And god lord! Did you get a few gray hairs on that one?????

You tickle my brain, you tickle my fancy, you tickle me in all the best ways.

Tom Serafini, Actor to the Stars! said...

"To post things like this is scarier for me than posting a picture of me naked."

So um, by all means take the fearless way out and post the naked pics. Just saying is all.

Party Girl said...

Tom: Well, if you insist.