Thursday, August 24, 2006

inner dork: inventor of the tv

This was actually going to be this weeks power of one, but you know, I changed my mind.

Did you know that Philo Farnsworth is responsible for the fact that our furniture is all pointed toward the TV in the living room?

I didn't either. I found out last week. See, I learn along with you.

(Please, don't tell me you have a TV in the bedroom. TV in the bedroom is bad. Very, very bad. Wanna know why you and your spouse aren't having sex? Because you have a TV in the bedroom.) (See, I help and I educate. I'm a giver.)


Twisted DNA said...

Yes I know. The old professor character on Futurama is named after him. The only reason I know about Philo is beacuse I worked with his grandson on a work project :)

Party Girl said...

Twisted: really? Can you explain further?

puerileuwaite said...

Infidels! All furniture must be pointed towards Mecca! Your Great Satan Box will be your undoing!

(And if you're truly SO giving, then PLEASE give me both sex and a TV in my bedroom. It doesn't even have to be provided in that order.)

Twisted DNA said...

Sorry, I didn't see your reply to mine until now.

I work in software. Farnsworth's grandson works in Phoenix in softawre too. I met him on a project. He gave me the story of his grandfather. It was amazing how ohter people and companies tried to steal his idea and claim they are the inventors. It was fun working with him.