Thursday, August 17, 2006

a few random sex factoids

No, not about me.
Unless you have some questions you'd like to ask.
Hmmm, curious. Do you have any questions you'd like to ask me?

In 1949 the UN launched a universal campaign for the decriminalization of prostitution.
(Obviously, it wasn't passed.)

It was a common practice in both Europe and the U.S. in the 1800's for disreputable surgeons to surgically repair a woman's hymen to pass her off as a virgin.
(Okay, just the thougt of that type of surgery back then. No, pain meds, no, anesthesia, no, type of sanitation-at all....ick.)

In 1672 a woman who was shipped to populate the colonies was worth 120 pounds of tobacco.
(Probably one of the only times we were worth so much.)
(Notice it was to, 'populate' the colonies.)

In 1709 it was believed that the widespread infertility of Spanish women was due to singing during sex.
(Yeah. All I got on this one is, 'huh?')

In the 1950's general consensus thought that 18 was the peak marriage age.
(So, I guess I could be found at your local libary as I would be an old maid)
(Or, the fun gal you call up for a date.)

In the Middle Ages, the word 'brothel' actually referred to an individual prostitute.
(That's a whole lotta prostitute.)
(I'm just sayin')

Orgies were originally religious events, being offerings to the gods.
(Finally. A revival I could get behind.)
(I actually didn't mean to be punny.)

Ancient Chinese Taoists believed that immortality could be achieved by having sex with twenty different women each day.
(Sooooooooooooo, what about the women? Did they get to have sex with 20 different men?)
(Okay, that's a lot of sex.)
(Just sayin')

The Romans were the first ancient society to open a legal chain of brothels.
(Thank you, Romans)

Prostitutes in Roman times were denoted by their dyed blonde hair.
(I'm guessing it was probably more of an orange-ish color.)

In the 15th century Venice government ordered prostitutes to go topless.
(Well now, that's kind of getting a free look-see, isn't it?)

Last one....

In 1967, a presidential commission recommended the repealing of obscenity laws because, they said, obscenity didn't hurt anyone.
(And I thank them for that.)


TrappedInColorado said...

Yes.. I have questions I'd like to ask you. First.... ah.. never mind. You're too conservative to answer anyway. ;)


THE DUKE said...

I would have hated to be a chinese taoist prior to the invention of viagra because 15 times might be doable, but 20?? ;-)

Bre said...

You are so delightful :) Reading about prostitution often makes me sad for the women who turned to it as a last resort, or those sold into it by parents who didn't care. Obviously, some women may have made a choice to enter it, but I worry for those who felt they didn't have one!

AngryMan said...

So, what else can you get behind?

Party Girl said...

Trapped: I think you say stuff like calling me, conservative just to get me all rawled up. Cause you know, them's fightin words.

Duke: That's what I'm sayin'! I mean, maybe they had a magic elixior or something. And obviously an endless population of willing females who were willing to reach 'enlightement and immortality' with them.
Those Toaist, such crazy words for orgasms, they had.

Angry: Well, there's: human rights, civil rights, health care for one and all, an excellent free education for one and all, retirement plans everyone can relate to, food for everyone in the world, voting rights and ...

oh wait, were you talking about sex stuff?

Well then there's: open and honest sex ed. for everyone in the world, birth control for everyone in the world...

Bre: Why thank you, honey, so are you!
Yeah, being a high dollar call-girl vs. a 10$ blow-job on the corner girl? Or sold into slavery girl?...Much different.

Okay, and I know how politically incorrect this is, but when I think about the women who are on the corners giving those $10 blow-jobs all I can think of is, good lord but that is a lot of blow-jobs before a girl even makes her rent!

...politically incorrect, PG, out.

TrappedInColorado said...

PG - Ah. You know me so well....

Phollower said...

I still don't get why prostitution is illegal. For men or women. I mean, I can provide a service that you're willing to pay an agreed price for, we're both consenting adults, it doesn't invade or involve anyone else, why should anybody be allowed to tell us we can't do it? I can't figure out the big difference between working as a prostitute or working as, say, a carpenter. Different kinds of wood I suppose...

puerileuwaite said...

How do you make a Venetian blind? Force him to repeatedly pleasure himself instead of going to hookers!

AngryMan said...

Your views on politics are great, but your views on sex will get you killed by the Catholic Church.
I'd start running if I were you.