Monday, August 14, 2006

just askin'

So if we spend our day staring at a box, a.k.a. our computer and then we come home and stare at a box, a.k.a. our TV, what did we do before computers and TV? I mean, were we just forced to talk to each other and stuff?

...brought about because I am sure I am slowly, but surely, going blind from my job. (No, it's not masturbating full-time. That's my part-time job.)

Conversation I had with a friend several years ago.

PG: You don't have a TV?
Friend: No.
PG: So, then, what is your furniture pointed towards?


Joefish said...

"What is your furniture pointed towards?"

Ha! That's fantastic. :)

gone said...

If you can find someone with whom you both do not feel the need for TV or DVD's to fill your time together, it is likley you have found a real treasure. Pop the wine, light the candles and watch for summer's fireflies. The converstion will flow as needed. And so might the sex!

Karl said...

Love the end bit, hilarious. Great question. However DID we occupy our time before TV and Tivo and Internet?

puerileuwaite said...

Abe used to go to the theatre.

Rat In A Cage said...

Saw you at the Hi-jinks place.

People wonder, "what is that?" when they see the rotary phone on the coffee table.

You don't have a cell phone? I do, but I tell them no, and then I tell them how great the rotary phone is at weeding out unnecessary calls. Here in L.A., even most local calls are to another area code so before dialing 10 digits on a rotary phone, you often think, "Nah, it's not that important."

Also, it works in power outages! Bring on the 9.8 earthquake!

My stuff points at the fish tank.

You heard it here first. Bill Gates makes all his billions through stock in paper companies. The computer is a lure to make you buy tons of paper. Much like the movie at the theatre is a gimmick to get you to the snack bar. Even at $10 a ticket, the theatres make no money off the film. All the profit is from the popcorn & soda.

As for what we used to do, I think kids used to play in the streets and I remember fondly a time all the neighbors would sit outside and talk to each other.

Good times.

Now, good luck naming more than a few of them.

JustTerry said...

My being without TV started as a financial option. i.e. I couldnt afford Cable, but quickly turned into a more practical option, i.e "check out all the time I have to do other things" Reading, Biking, downloading porn.... I dont know if my eyes are any better but you should see the size of right forearm!!

jmeped said...

I used to sit on the beach and people watch, for hours! But alas with no job, and no beach I am on the computer a lot! I don't watch t.v. most days, except for Hells kitchen and Entourage.

Mark said...

Didn't they used to point the furniture towards the radio?

JJ said...

I think people listened to the radio and before that they read a lot of books and before that they were monumentally bored.

Twisted DNA said...

Watching TV is so pathetic waste of time. I dont watch TV after I get home. I get on the computer, of course ;)

Mikey said...

Great cum back girl!!! ROFLMAO

puerileuwaite said...

WTF? Can we PLEASE take Mikey's computer back?

Jay said...

I'm thinking that the next time someone asks you what your furniture is pointed towards you should answer, "Why, my bed, of course."

Wait for a reaction.

Begin giggling like a loon.

Besides, fuck TV! I haven't owned one in nearly 5 years and I'm a better person for it!

Party Girl said...

Joe: He's back!! He's back!!
I don't even try. It just comes natural to me. *wink*

Cooper: Yeah, amen, brother! If I had the mind fuck all day and all night, along with the fuck, fuck, color me a happy..a very, very happy Party Girl.

Karl: I do wonder sometimes. I went to see my mom a couple weeks ago, I just popped over unannounced, I couldn't talk until the movie was over. Um, yeah. Sorry. I left. I was SO very irritated.
(It was mostly my younger brother who was being a dick, but you know, still.)

P: Yeahhhhh, but he was shot. Dead.

Rat: Hey, glad you found me. God, rotary phone? Yeah, I bet you do think twice before dialing. I didn't know they lasted in a power outage either. Thanks for the trivia. (That will make more sense on Thursday)
Memories of when I was a kid. Out on my parent's acreage playing all the live long day with nothing more than my imagination to keep me entertained.
Sitting in my bedroom singing, dancing, writing, reading.
TV? I hardly every watched it. Except for the summer of 84 and 85. Those summers were spent watching MTV. You know, when it still had music video on it, before it became miscellanious television.

Neighbors? That brings up something else I've being to blog about.

Justterry: If it wasn't for TV and the brain break I need, I would accomplish a lot more on the weekends. Ah, cable. At least I watch a lot of informational/documentary type stuff.

jm: May you find work soon. May you find a job where the people watching is prevalent.

People watching is the best. Proved that this past Friday. Good God, Jesus fuck. That's all I've got to say.

Mark: Good point. I think you're right. Before that it was probably towards the fire.

I guess no matter what there is a focal point.

JJ: So, what about them folks who couldn't read? Guess they just worked and stuff, huh? Worked and stuff, A LOT.

God, I hope I was upper class in my past life. I am so not cut out for many hot layers of clothes while doing manual labor. Mostly likely while pregnant. Again.

Mikey's back! Hey, Love!

Twisted: Which brings up another oint. What did we do before computers? I mean, I actually had to spend whole days at the library checking a TON of books out to try and write a paper. Ugh. The computer, if for nothing else, I am thankful for research made easier.

P: No, we may not take it back. He's happy, that makes me happy.
Play nice.

Jay: Brilliant! My bed should be the focal point of my apartment!
I wish I could get rid of my TV. I wish I didn't have cable, but it's part of my rent/apartment package.
Besides I mostly watch informational programs. Like, The Food Network (totally addicted) The Travel Channel (except when they have the world poker tour on. I so, don't get that.) History Channel and my new favorite, Discovery Times. Oh, and IFC, and TCM, and...and...

yeah. I was almost able to justify it there for second.


Egan said...

My vision definitely got worse after staring at computer monitors all day long. I realized putting my nose up to the monitor isn't right and got spectacles back in 1999.

I love the masturbation chatter.