Tuesday, February 27, 2007

How it went. Or how the day went after I finally peed

So, I couldn't take it anymore and I left at 1:30 yesterday. With wishes of good luck I headed out to my trusty Mustang.
My trusty Mustang decided to add stress to my life and decided to not be so trusty. It wouldn't start.
With utterances of, "You have got to be kidding me. Come on."..and five turns of the ignition later, I called security and I called my mom.
I sat in the parking lot in my dead car waiting for both to show and also counting the minutes down. Mom and security showed up at the same time (perhaps it's a metaphor) and of course, I tried my car one more time and of course it started right up.
Not wanting to chance it I drove my mom's car to Big Private College.
I literally had just enough time to run home, get pretty..well, not even that. I had just enough time to change my clothes, run to get my textbook, and drive to BPC.
I then had just enough time to take several deep breaths and head into the defense.

I think it went well. It was pretty relaxed and I made them laugh right from the start (always a good sign.) They were very complimentary in terms of my paper and my ideas again, that seems positive.
They said they would be in contact with me shortly in regards to the outcome.
I was hoping that meant by last night or at least this morning.
I still wait.
I did go to celebrate my victory, or my perceived victory. I had a greasy hamburger, a pint, and a wonderfully decadent dessert put in a to-go container to savour for later.
I then went to class for two hours and drove home.
I then got a lecture about my car from my parent's even though my mechanic step-brother found nothing wrong with it. (Alrighty. Love that logic.)
Spirits are not dampened.
I received a rejection letter from a publisher who called my writing exemplary..or was it exceptional. I can't remember. It was definitely an "ex" word with a "p" in it.
Still flying high around 11:15 p.m.
Crashed and crashed hard around 11:30 p.m.
Good sleep last night.
I now eagerly await the outcome.

Thanks for all of your wishes of luck yesterday!


Joefish said...

I eagerly await the celebratory "woohoo!" post.

Bre said...

Making them laugh is a big time good sign! Despite all the other mini-disasters, I'm very sure that their socks were knocked off! Keep us updated!! :)

Party Girl said...

...and still waiting.

Let's hope the "woohoo" comes soon.

...that sounds dirty, doesn't it?

Phollower said...

It does sound kinda dirty. Which mostly makes me upset that I missed the chance to make a wish bone comment yesterday. So here it is today:

You said, "Bone."

limpy99 said...

Let's hope there are multiple "woo-hoos"

Sorry, I just want to play with the cool kids.