Thursday, February 22, 2007

inner dork: Sex around the world

...and it's not about me!

Did you know....

Premature ejaculation isn't a problem for the Pacific dwelling Marquesan men, who've mastered the ability to prolong their erections indefinitely until their female partner has had two or three orgasms.
(Yes, please.)
(Have they really mastered anything or are they just thinking about baseball? Or whatever the equivalent of Marquesan baseball, is.)

In order to be legal, porn shops in India are called "museums."
(You know, I wondered where all the art was, but I strangely felt so at home during my last visit.)

Trobriand Islanders of the South Pacific have a thing for biting off their lover's eyelashes and eyebrows during sex.

In Tuscany the missionary position is called the "angelic" position.
(Ah, how sweet.)
(Ah, how boring.)

As foreplay a Ponapean man may sometimes put a fish in the woman's vulva and gently lick it.
(Um, ew.)
(Men, don't. Just, don't say anything.)
(And most importantly, just don't.)

If a tribe in New Caledonia lost its chief, the entire tribe was expected to abstain from sex for an entire month.
(Well that sucks. Well, I guess it doesn't. I guess nothings getting sucked in that case.)


Bre said...

Two or three orgasms is normal?!

I need a Marquesan man!

TrappedInColorado said...

Hey, now. This was funny! BTW - I love fish.

limpy99 said...

Maybe the Marquesan's just do what I do and keep one eye on ESPN.

Baron Ectar said...

ahhhh I plead the 5th here :)