Wednesday, February 28, 2007

the latest

This the same photo from before, I just added the red and I am finally happy with it. It faces my bed so it's what I wake up to every morning. I wasn't happy with the painting. One Sunday I got out of bed, put on my glasses and took it off the wall. I slapped some paint on a brush, made som strokes on the canvas, smiled and hung it back on the wall with the paint still wet.

Because it reminds me of something from the 70's. The colors don't translate well in a photo. The background is seafoam green and the squares are deep green and gold with white around them.

A dark brown background against red, brown, and gold swirls.
My girlfriend asked me to make a painting for her and this was the outcome. She loved it. There may be more to come from this as well. I gave it to her at work and well, the response was pretty fucking awesome from all of our co-workers. I had some request from others. For the others I told them what the minimum charge would be. They were fine with it.
Let's here it, whoo-hoo!


Phollower said...

That shit's just excellent. Nice work.

limpy99 said...

"It faces my bed so it's what I wake up to every morning."

I usually wake up to a 74 lb. dog nosing my face and suggesting she's like to go outside. You win.

Nice work. "1976" in particular.

Party Girl said...

PH: oh, why thank you.
Have yu ever noticed how the word, "shit" can be used as a compliment?

Limpy: I agree. I think I win this one.

"1976" I go back and forth with it. I love it. I hate it. I love it. I'm not sure about it. I love it.

I do like the effect it has on the eyes, how I get sucked in.

I like getting sucked in.

limpy99 said...

In. On. What's the difference?

Oh yeah. A big "O"

Party Girl said...

Yes, but to get sucked on there is also some sucking in that needs to happen in order for the big O to happen.

Just what I've heard.

GirlGoyle said...

I have to say my favorite is the tribal. Tho to me it sort of describes how I feel most of the time...sort or red hot and busy and full of energy. Not something I'd want to wake up to in the morning. More of a dining room piece I think.

Party Girl said...

GG: Oh, thank you so much!
I agree, it is full of energy. That's funny that you wouldn't want it in a bedroom as that is where the piece will be going. However, the room is a dark chocolate and I think the painting would really look awesome against a dark back drop.