Friday, February 02, 2007

How to give a compliment without really trying

Looks will get a man interested.
Brains will keep a man interested.

I will always gladly take a compliment on my looks.
I much prefer a compliment on my brains.
If someone compliments my art or writing, even better.
If someone asks to see or read said art and writing, even better.

If a man is going to give a compliment, please, make it original.
Original in the delivery and original to me.

However, all and any compliments are always welcomed. Always. I will always say, thank you. I will never give an excuse for the compliment or to the compliment just given. I have learned how to accept a compliment. Gladly accept a compliment.

The best advice I can give a man on how to give a compliment?
Be interested.
Be an active listener.
Be a great communicator.
Be intelligent.
Be funny.
Always ask, "...and you?"

If he has all of those qualities then everything else is gravy.


Bre said...

I feel like I should print this post out and hand it out to all the men in my life!

TrappedInColorado said...

Hmmm.. I do all those things but my gravy is lumpy and cold and moldy. When does your seminar come to Denver? :)

Tom Serafini, Actor to the Stars! said...

So you're saying the following is acceptable:

Hey, that's a great photo, take it yourself? Wow, this is a great poem. One of yours? Um, great tits...both of 'em. May I?

Party Girl said...

Bre: I know, right? A few..some..already have it down, however, many more can learn.

Trapped: A little part of me measuring 20x23 can be sent your way as soon as you tell me which one you've decided on. Best I can do right now.

Actor man: Yes, yes all of those are acceptable, appreciated, and welcomed.

Pyrhonik said...

I swung into this spot for your email address and of course, couldn't help but read this post. It was like deja vu. You and Mr. Weasel are on the same page!


Pyrhonik said...

And of course, you don't have an email listed!

Soooooooooooo, if ya wanna get an explanation of signs along with today's fantabulous example, roll me a note and toss it to


egan said...

I like your compliment tips. I think they're very accurate and fail-safe. I have trouble taking them gracefully as I tend to smirk.

GirlGoyle said...

I'm with you on the compliments. Rule #1 if you got something stupid to say...i don't want to hear it. I'm sick of the old tits and ass compliments. If you can't aknowledge and find pride in the fact that I can out drink you, out think you, out do you - you are simply wasting my time.