Friday, February 16, 2007

The sex factor

I was wondering the other day about how much sex and relationships play a part in our lives. There are some people who, when we talk, the entire conversation is dominated by their current relationship and my current state of singledom or couplehood, why? Are our relationships really that interesting? Is the state of our relationships that important to us in terms of health, both mental and physical?
But, the real question I got to thinking about was, if it wasn't for sex how influential would relationships with the opposite, or same, sex really be in our lives, in terms of our mental and physical health? How integral is sex in our lives and how influential is sex in terms of where our next relationship will come from, will be with?

Honestly, when it comes to couplehood I'm more interested in where my next lay with come from more than I am where my next boyfriend will come from. I wonder more about the sex than I do about the new Mr. Potential when I'm on the prowl. Perhaps that says something about me, or does everyone think that way? One universal factor, no matter IQ level, that we, as breathing and upright living beings, have in common is sex. Sex is an integral and driving force, an animal instinct, that we all share. We must meet. We must procreate. We must breed. We must feel good. So, if it wasn't for sex, if sex wasn't a factor, if it didn't exist for instance, if we were all A-sexual, how important would relationships be to us?

Your thoughts?


limpy99 said...

I think we're all inherently social, but if it weren't for sex I think the women would hang together and the guys would hang together. And nothing would ever get done and we'd all die. So thank god for sex.

Karl said...

Interesting question. I've wondered about that myself. I think a lot is tied up into the sexual nature of our beings, and that translates over to our relationships.

I think if we were all asexual, we might actually evolve away from war and starvation and suffering like so many know right now. We'd be on a far higher emotional and intellectual plane.

Porn would be really weird, though.

Old Man Crowder said...

Or what if we were each set up with male AND female sex organs?

You wouldn't have to wine and dine your date just to get some action!

Baron Ectar said...

Good question - me I have been well lets just say its been awhile - I really dont miss it - I think its cause when I was married it was a obligation in the end - hmmm maybe I shall explore this!

puerileuwaite said...

I blame kindergarten. If they hadn'r stressed the importance of placing shapes through their corresponding holes, I probably wouldn't consider it such a big deal today.

tfg said...

I think that relationships are very important in their own right, independent of sexual consideratios. How else am I supposed to get my laundry done and my dinner cooked?

Dirty Bunny said...

I guess I never really thought about it, but I do think good sex is important for a healthy relationship. It's my opinion, that people who don't think so are either A. Not getting any or putting out or B. Have never had good sex.

Yeah Him said...

I think it all comes down to what we need at that point in our life. Is it the emotional outlet of purely physical sex, emotional attachment, being with another person to be vulnerable (obviously a relationship thing), or is it just that feeling that a new relationship has when we feel giddy with emotion?

Could we break it down to biological and make it a need to release endorphins?

As long as I'm happy in the moment or not annoyed by hearing about it over and over... then it's all good.

Party Girl said...

limpy: I think attraction plays a huge part in the sexes even wanting to be around each other.

Karl: That's an interesting thought in regards to asexuality and fighting/wars and such. I hadn't thought about that. Perhaps if it wasn't for the need to divide and conquer there wouldn't be the need to destroy either.

OMC: It may clear up a lot of the questions and confusions in regards to the sexes.
I've wondered if hermaphrodites are simply more evolved human beings.

Baron: Sometimes it can seem like an obligation, I guess, but then when it's not there I am never more aware of it.

P: Ah, the old squares and does start young, doesn't it?

tfg: Nice. Nothing like keep the sexes seperated.

Dirty: I agree. Those who haven't have no idea.

Him: That's an interesting perspective. When it's new, it's well, new. However, a couple has to keep it interesting and fresh to keep the relationship alive. There are many different stages to sex, just as there are to the relationship itself.

Bre said...

Though in many ways I consider myself a rather sexual person, I'm also a very physical person outside the realm of sexuality. I like to touch people, to lean against them... and to have someone to shove my cold feet underneath.

Plus, without relationships (or at least the promise of them) I'd have to be willing to kill all the spiders myself, and that's just not going to happen.

GirlGoyle said...

Sex is important however I usually get there through a relationship. Meaning that I don't have sex unless I have gotten to know you. I guess the last step to getting to know who you are is assuring myself that you are good in bed. However....if I were attracted to you, and were you just a bore in bed I don't know if that would be enough for me to just walk. I guess I'd hang on to the hope that maybe you'll get better say take a class or soemthing.