Sunday, February 25, 2007

your weekend about the same?




What you can't see is the several layers of ice underneath all of the fluffy white stuff. Needless to say my weekend was spent trapped inside my apartment. Needless to say, my night out on Friday with Mr. London was cancelled.

Poop stain.


Jay said...

There were many conflicting reports as to what we were going to get and how much.

14.5 inches of snow later, I'd say it'll probably snow.

I hate meteorologists. They get paid to guess.

I spent friday night/saturday morning working. (As some people here know, I drive for a living.) I encountered several points within my route where not only had it not been plowed, I was driving in 7+ inches of virgin snow... with a rear-wheel drive, mostly empty cargo van.

Needless to say, I had no fun. Daddy took my T-Bird away.

The rest of the weekend was spent shoveling and sleeping.

And just to keep up with the common theme of this blog, I masturbated twice all weekend.

Thank you. :-)

GirlGoyle said...

Well sometimes we need drastic measures to slow us down. You probably needed the down time anyway. See...even Jay was able to put his free time to good use TWICE!

Party Girl said...

Jay: ...9 inches here. Yesterday while cleaning off my car I made Godzilla know, to make it fun.
Me, I painted a canvas for a girlfriend. Cooked like crazy (anyone want to come over for dinner?) and yes, I masturbated a few times. One session even came with the gasp afterwards of: I've never cum like that before.
So, all-in-all, a good weekend trapped inside.

GG: I did have the thought this morning, as I was crawling through the passenger side of my car to get the frozen driver side door open in a skirt: if I lived some place where it was the perfect 72 degrees all year-round I probably wouldn't accomplish a damn thing. Like for instance, making myself cum in new and fun ways.

Phollower said...

No snow for us this weekend. That was 2 weekends ago. There was just some freezing rain and generally shitty conditions that kept us inside. Actually, we had indoor plans anyway so it was a good weekend to have the weather suck.

And again to keep the theme running, no masturbating but The Spousal Unit and I "did it".

Karl said...

Well, you know damn well I didn't get any weather like that. Your profile may read that you're from my city and my state, but I know that isn't right. :)

Party Girl said...

Ph: Is "doing it" code for, "fucking?"

Karl: Yeah. Cause you live some place all warm and humid and stuff.