Thursday, April 06, 2006

appreciative kiss: take two: follow up question

Thank you all for your less than varied answers, but I thank you for being honest and well, honest.

However, I can't help but wonder, a guy who thinks tasting himself will make him gay, but he loves giving his woman the kiss after he goes down on her but, thinks it's hot not that she is gay.

So, is there some sort of lesbian fantasy, or are you just thinking how hot it is that she is willing, able and totally happy and lovingly willing to give you the appreciative kiss?

Neil suggested talking to the man and telling him what I want.
Neil, I couldn't agree more. I am all for open and honest communication when it comes to sex and everything else in my life. But, I can't picture any man saying, "Oh, sure doll face I would totally be willing to kiss you with cum in your mouth now knowing how hot it would make you."
Am I wrong?
If your woman asked any of you to kiss her afterwards, would you?

I get the whole, "it would make me seem gay," attitude. However, it is your own body and your own fluid, how does that make you seem gay?
Are you all honestly telling me you've never tasted yourself?
Your jerkin off at night and you need some more lube so you spit on your palm, lick your fingers, whatever, no tasting? Nothing?


wavslidn said...

Yes - there is a good chance that kissing you after I go down on you does have a little lesbian fantasy tied into it. I really do like doing it so maybe that fantasy fuels things a bit.

No - never tasted it. I have eaten mud, bugs, blood, and all kinds of other crap but never checked to see what my stuff tasted like. Please don't try and tell me that sets of your BS meter - I just don't have the desire for a taste.

Neil said...

It's not a subject that I really ever thought about, but I think most straight men have a strong taboo against male-on-male sex. I'm not really sure where this comes from. I'm not a homophobe at all. I don't feel uncomfortable with gays at all. I know it's a cliche, but I am friends with gay men. But the idea of me having sex with a man makes me very uncomfortable. Maybe it's society's way of keeping men from just fucking everything in their site.

chris said...

Totally straight guy who loves sex here.

I absolutely LOVE kissing a woman after she's sucked me until I spurt in her mouth. It's not just to say thank you (that's partly it) but also to add to the erotic intensity of the lovemaking. It's enough to make me hard again. She likes that as much as I do.

But that's just me.

GirlGoyle said...

Oh here we go again with the gay thing. What a load of crap. The way I see it is most men don't really like going down on women. There is a whole taste/scent issue tied to it. Smells like fish...tastes like chicken! We've all heard that before. The reason most do it is to sort of do the woman a favor. The "after dinner kiss" is more of a "here you go honey...share in what I've just been through." The reason I say this is that if a woman swallows there isn't much of oneself left to taste with the Thank You kiss so men need to get over it. Women smell/taste a whole lot muskier than men (if they are clean guys obviously) and the kiss is only to smear it on a woman's face because you all are selfish bahstads...

Party Girl said...

girlg: why so angry today?
I totally disagree. If a man doesn't want to give a woman head, he won't. And he shouldn't. If he doesn't want to, don't force it. If it matters find someone who will do it because he wants to not because he feels he is expected to.
Same for you and all women. Don't do something because you feel obligated. Do it because you want to.

I don't know of any men and haven't encountered any who haven't loved and totaly enjoyed going down on me (say for the few black men, but I've encountered just as many who loved to) They loved that they were able to turn me on and where able to make me so wet and squirm and scream with delight.
Doesn't matter if I was shaved, unshaved, fresh from the shower or had been working outside all day. They loved it.

MrHinge said...

I havne't had a chance to read up lately. To answer you from your first post on this issue. No, I'm not joking.

This seems to be quite the controversial subject.

I think any confident guy in whatever his sexuality may be, wouldn't have a problem with it either way.

So guys, stop being pussies if you're supposedly confident in yourself.

Party Girl said...

MrHinge: I have a new foundness for you!

Thank you for being honest and telling everyone else to buck up (so to speak. Pun not intended)