Monday, April 03, 2006

gettin my Lloyd Dobler fix

OK, so, with all of the quoting of, "Say Anything," last week I went and rented the DVD. Yes, I own the movie however it's on VHS and my VCR is fickle as to whether or not it will accept the movie and then as to whether or not it will give back the movie. Hence, me renting the movie.

Still a classic.
Still resonates.
Still lovin my Lloyd.

Here's something funny.
So, the cute and adorable 28 year old who I am pursuing a friendship with instead of a relationship with, yeah, I'm pretty sure he believes I am his Diane Court.
Here's why I think this.
After our first date I walked out of the bathroom to find him bowing in the hallway. When I asked him what he was doing he said, "What Lloyd does after his first date with Diane."
I laughed. I remembered the scene and thought it cute.
At least I thought I remembered the scene.
It's when Lloyd takes Diane how and she calls him, 'basic.' She thinks she blew it her dad reassures her by showing Lloyd out in the street bowing to an imaginary crowd.
Ohhhh, that scene.

Then when I emailed him and told the cute, adorable, loveable 28 year old that I just wanted to pursue a friendship with him he said, "No problem. He is thinking of us as friends with potential."
Ah, how sweet.
Then while watching the movie I got that whole line again.
When they are in the coffee shop and Diane tells Lloyd that she can't really date right now. He says, "Hey, no problem. We're friends with potential and we're just having coffee."

He and I are going to a baseball game on Saturday. (I LOVE baseball. He's a huge fan as well.)
I was excited that I finally had a partner to go to games with. This could prove more interesting than I originally thought.)

I think redblooded may be right on this one. He wants a relationship, I want a friendship. I've been very honest and upfront. Don't think there is much more I can do other than keep doing the same.


GirlGoyle said...

Nothing wrong with a friend that lusts. But this one seems to have a lot of what you like...maybe he's right about the friends with potential. It wouldn't be the first time a friendship turns into more.

Party Girl said...

yeah, I think this one is going to prove interesting