Friday, April 21, 2006

turn about is fair play..or something like that

So, I just finished talking to the Out-of-Towner. (Okay, well several minutes ago.)
He wanted to get together this weekend.
He says this a lot.
He almost always cancels. Almost always.
Therefore, when he says something like, "How about Saturday."
I tend to take it with about this much, -, thought. (okay, well even - that might be pushing it.)
So, taking it with about that - much thought, I made plans for this weekend.
However, as my life would have it. He actually fully intended on coming to town this weekend.
He tried to lay some guilt on me.
I told him, guilt doesn't really work on me. Try a different angle.
So, I won't be getting some hot and amazing down and dirty sex this weekend.
Well, not from him anyway.
I have a date with the new Mr. Possible tonight.
Tomorrow I am going out with my girlfriends to celebrate my birthday.
I want to be pukeing on Sunday. I am going to be totally obnoxious and get lots of free drinks and most importantly lots of free shots. And have lots of hot men hit on me.
Sunday, I have a date with another new Mr. Maybe.
I feel oddly very powerful right now.
However, life has a way of changing that for me.


Camilla said...

I love the way your mind works. Good luck puking, getting hit on by hot guys and having fun!

THE DUKE said...

The problem with the puking part is that usually that means that you were to drunk to get some ass, which is what everyone should be getting on their birthday...

Intense said...

Have a fantastic birthday weekend. Look at you and all these boys. One for every night of the week:)

Neil said...

His loss. Have a fun weekend.

HST said...

don't worry baby. I had some nasty sex for you this morning.:)

GirlGoyle said...

Isn't if funny how that shit works...when you count on "them" they don't show. Just as soon as you take a step in your own direction there "they" are just to reel you in. HOpe your other plans worked out. Can't wait to hear details.