Friday, April 14, 2006

true confessions: sexcapade: late night at the office: together with TNF

Remember that time you had to work late and I surprised you at your office?

You were sitting all intent, yet very tired at your computer.
No one was left in the office.
You were the only one there.

I stand in your office doorway leaning against the frame.
You look up and when you see me you smile.
When you see what I’m wearing your smile broadens.
I smile back.
We don’t need to say anything. There’s no need.
We know what each other wants.
What we both need.
You know why I’m here.
You’ve had a long day.
I want to make it better.
I walk over to your office windows and close the blinds behind you. As I do you get a good look at what I’m wearing.
Wearing just for you.
I’m in my secretary outfit.
Glasses, short black skirt, white button down top that is a little too tight, unbuttoned a little too far, black bra, black garters clearly visible underneath it all.
After I close the blinds I swing you around in your office chair and open your legs with my knee.
You stare up at me.
I stare down at you.
I can see how hard you are through your pants.
I love your cock.
I love how hard I can make you.
Rock hard.
I don’t have to say or do anything.
I stand between your legs bending down to kiss you hard on your mouth; my hair falls to the side.
You reach up and pull me into you.
Wrapping your fingers in my hair.
I pull away before you want me to.
Looking you in the eye I unzip your pants.
God your cock is so hard.
So amazingly rock hard.
I love how hard it feels in my soft hand.
I start to rub you slowly.
Slowly going up and down with my hand.
You cum a little bit for me.
Just a little.
Just enough to make me wetter than I already am.
I go down on my knees.
I lick the length of your shaft with my tongue.

You moan.
I lick you with my wet tongue going up and down on your cock massaging your balls as I do.
I start to lick your balls; keeping my hand on your shaft.
Taking your balls in my mouth.
Working my tongue over them.
Sucking them.
Getting them as wet as I am.
I love how turned on, how wet, I get even when it’s all about you.
Tonight is all about you.
I work my tongue up to the tip of your cock, working the very edge of your head.

You grab the back of my head and tighten your hand around my hair.
You want to be inside my mouth.
I know you do.
I feel you pulse against my tongue.
I feel how much you want me.
I just want to make you wait a few seconds more.
Just a few more seconds of my tongue lovingly teasing your cock.

Just a few more.
Your hand tightens.
Your thighs lift up ever so slightly from your chair.
You want me in your mouth.
“Suck me.”
You tell me.
“God, you are such a tease.”
I smile to myself.
I have you.
I know you want me.
Tell me how much you want me.
You lift your ass up.
“Oh, God, Suck me! Suck my cock!”
I thrust you deep in my throat.

I take you all in.
Your hard cock pressing against my wet tongue.
Taking you down the back of my throat.
You let out a groan of relief and pleasure as I do.
Your thighs lose their tension.
Your cock tastes so good.
So good, so hard, in my mouth.
Feeling you so deep inside.
You watch me work your cock.
Working you up and down.
Your hard cock inside my warm, wet mouth.
Deep inside my throat.

Your hand unconsciously tightens around my hair.
Your hips rising up with each flick of my tongue.
My tongue going up as my head goes down.
Lovingly, hungrily working every hard inch of you.
All of you.
Working your balls.
Enjoying every moan, groan and gasp you make.
Sounds you make because of me.
You make me so wet.
So very wet.
You turn me on.
You turn me on with your cock.
Your cock in my mouth.

I want you to cum for me.
I want you to cum because of my mouth.
Because of my tongue.
How I work your cock.
Cum for me.
Cum all over my tongue.
Cum for me.
You love how I suck you.
You don’t want it to end.
Cum for me.
Show me how much you enjoy me.
You want it to last just a few more minutes.
Just a few more.
You don’t want it to end.
Cum for me.
Cum for me, baby.
I want you to.
You cum deep and hard in my mouth.
Your cum mixes with my saliva, my tongue, my taste.
I swallow as I continue to suck you.
Suck every last drop of you.
You shiver and moan as I swallow all of you.
Every drop.
I slow my pace
Loosen my hand.
As I stand from my knees you pull me into you.
Grabbing the back of my head pressing me hard against you, you kiss me.
As you kiss me I spread my legs every so slightly apart and take your hand and place it against my pussy letting you feel how wet I am.
Feel how wet I am.
How wet you made my pussy.
As your fingers glide across my lips you smile at how wet I am.
I pull away from you.
As I start to walk towards the door there is a sly smile on my face.
Looking back over my shoulder I give you a quick wink.
“Have a good night.”
With my pussy on your fingers, my tongue on your cock, you take one look at my ass walking out the door and decide it’s time to come home.


Camilla said...

Is there anything more satisfying than giving a wonderful BJ? Anything?

Party Girl said...

Having wonderful head given to me?

other than that, no.

I love sucking cock.

Working my tongue, my mouth all over something so pulsatingly hard in my warm, wet mouth.

mmmmm, good times.

Good times had by all.

Suck Me said...

I'm going to grab some kleenex.

Camilla said...

I love kissing, licking, touching, massaging, coaxing out the pre-cum first, getting a little taste of the prize, and then afterwards - after a wonderful time, getting a mouthful. I nearly cum myself sometimes.

Askinstoo said...
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Mikey said...

That's why I love you!! Happy Easter and I am sorry I couldn't comment this week much because of the GBBMC. BTW I was one of the 6 winners!!

Neil said...

What a dull blog! Can't you write something just a little titillating every once in a while?

wavslidn said...

pg & camilla - you are both just too good to be true. "Is there anything more satisfying than giving a wonderful BJ?" - what I would give to hear you say that in person! Thank you pg for the visual images to go along with your excellent description. My only wish is that it was me in those pics.

Party Girl said...

mikey: and back at ya! Love you too!
Congrats on be one of the winners! You did an amazing job! Excellent!

Neil: lovin the sarcasm

Waves: ah, thanks *blushes*

wavslidn said...
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wavslidn said...

I would definately give you a big kiss afterwards! You have shown me the light.

Party Girl said...

yayy!!! I've made a convert!!!!!

wavslidn said...

Are you going to take my word for it - you should make me prove it to you!

JD said...

ummm wow. and the comments are just as hot. between you and Leesa, just wow. thank you for letting me know about this post. i'll get around to reading the other posts later, right now it's taking me a long time to type this one-handed. :)

Intense said...

Clap! Clap! Very nicely done.

Party Girl said...

JD: why, thank you

intense: and thank you! I've missed you! I hope all is awesome with you!