Tuesday, April 11, 2006

pollination time

"PG, I am so horny! I don't know what is going on, but my god! I want to fuck everything I see."

"That's because it's spring time. You want to go and pollinate. You want to go spread your seed. You must fertilize everything you see."

Spring time air does that to us.
We've come out of our hibernation. We awaken from our dens to the sight of a big ball of fire in the sky. We slowly start to process the blinding light as something familiar.
We are greeted each morning by the sound of birds singing and flying through the air.
The grass is all of a sudden bright green once again.
Tulips and daffodils are pushing their way through the soil.
The sky is a shade of blue only recognizable in paintings.
The air feels so crisp and pure in the morning on the way out to our cars.
It feels so wonderful to drive with the windows rolled down and our favorite CD has never sounded so good.
The trees are full of bright red buds waiting to open.
Squirrels are doing their mating dance on the telephone wires and it's the cutest thing we've ever seen.
Our step is a little springier.
Our smiles a bit wider.
Our skin is slightly tanner.
Our legs are showing.
Our toes are showing.
Our heads are turning this way and that at all the possibilities walking in front of us.

It's spring.
Spring has sprung and we must pollinate.
We must go forth and spread our seed.
Ah, lovely, lovely spring time.
That's not the scent of flowers you smell. That's sex.


GirlGoyle said...

It's sunny here today...great day to spend out doors, come home make a nice light dinner, cold glass of wine and while the spaghetti water boils...pollinate. I like the plan!

MrHinge said...

Yeah, I'm already in full blown Spring Fever gear. Pussycat has been loving and hating it lately. It's oh so good, but I've definitely got carried away a few times and left her a bit more stretched than she likes to be.


Camilla said...

I love the last line, "That's not the scent of flowers you smell. That's sex."

I am getting guys wanting to send me picks of their pollenation machines. Fun, fun, fun.

Joefish said...

I think it's the sudden abundance of exposed skin.

So Camilla wants pictures of pollination machines?

Party Girl said...

love me some spring time weather.

Course, I also love me some hot sweaty summer time weather too.

All the glistening tanned skin.
The skimpy clothes....

oh yeah....