Tuesday, April 18, 2006

just sayin: oh, pool boy

A co-worker conversation and I:

He: (While cleaning out a coffee cup) I wish I had a man servant to do this sort of crap for me.

Me: (Typing at my computer drifting off into a daydream) Yeah, I could use a pool boy.

He: (stopping) Oh, do you have a pool at your place?

Me: (Clearly deep into my daydream) No.

He: (Pauses, then starts to laugh)

Me: (Far into daydream, start to laugh)


redbloodedboy said...

Isn't it your birthday?

What are you doing blogging?

Party Girl said...

birthday on a Monday night after a major religious holiday, booooooo!

Camilla said...

Funny conversation!

redbloodedboy said...

...which makes it only appropriate that you see god.

Party Girl said...

camilla: thanks

rbb: is that an offer?
I was calling out his name last night, but I never saw him.