Monday, April 17, 2006

it's my birthday!

Shameless, I know.
..and I don't care.

It was an interesting weekend.
The birthday week has officially been extended to include this week and upcoming weekend.
This past weekend was fun.
Certainly had some high points and low points I guess depending on how you view things, but frankly it was simply way too mature for my taste and well, I can't have that.
I'll do a write up about it tomorrow.
For now, it's my birthday!


wavslidn said...

Happy Birthday, sweetie! I was wondering if you were going to have a post about your birthday. I have your present waiting for you. Then again, I guess it is actually for us to share - if that works for you since my birthday is Wednesday.

Happy Birthday again!

wavslidn said...

Sweet - I was the first to wish you Happy Birthday. That has to be worth something.

Neil said...

happy happy b-day!

Party Girl said...

Waves: shankya! And back at you? A shared birthday present? MMmm, I have a feeling I will likey!!!!

Catch ya back on Wednesday!

Neil: thank-you!

THE DUKE said...

Happy B-day!!!!!! Have a beer. Get laid.

wavslidn said...

I have a nice big bow for your present. I cant wait for you to unwrap it.

redbloodedboy said...

Hey! Happy Birthday!

Now I feel bad disagreeing with you.

Mikey said...

Happy birthday sweets!!! Yes it was because of TNF that I put not work safe. LOLOL

Party Girl said...

Duke: I plan on both.

Waves: A BIG bow?!?!?!?

redblooded: thanks, and you don't feel the least bit bad...

Mikey: thanks, honey!
..and I had a feeling.

Sheen V said...

Happy Birthday!!!