Thursday, April 20, 2006

to the couple who live below me

Please, please, I beg of you, please, for the love of all that is holy and mighty and god, do not, do not (do not) get married.


It will not last.

I give you two years. Two years, tops.

You fight way, way (way) too much.

It always seem to be over money. Always.

You two do not fight in a healthy or constructive way.
If I can hear the entire arugument each and every time you fight, which is several times a week, you are yelling.
Yelling solves nothing.
Well, it gets your upstairs neighbors nerves going, but other than that, nothing. Yelling brings nothing to the table and solves even less.

Seriously. Move out, break-up, sleep and see other people, cause you two are not going to make it.
Not gonna make it.

Oh, and please for the love of Pete, Nate, Holly, and Jolly, do not, do not (DO NOT) bring children into this world together.
Please, please (please) do not do that to them and well more importantly, to me.

For other highlights on this couple here you go: fighters not lovers


JJ said...

And yet it is almost inevitable that they will get married and bring forth unhappy children who will grow up to fight with their spouses and think it's passion.

There should be a test to get a marriage license.

GirlGoyle said...

Got to love those old buildings. First time eavesdropping can almost be fun. But if for peace and quiet you find yourself dialing the local police precinct a few too many's gotten old. Someone ought to tell the dumb muthafuckah to keep the fighting to daylight ours. If it is any consolation, I feel for you. In my old apt. I could her the upstairs guy do his thing in the bathroom and I felt like I was participating in his freaky nightscapades. I caught myself thinking once - spank the bitch, so she'll finally shut up about it and we can all go to sleep!!!

Leesa said...

I wish they could read this post!

The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

don't tell me you got loud fighting neighbors...don't you hate that...what do they argue about...who side do you

JD said...

saw your profile on Leesa's blog. left you a comment on the fish post. didn't want you to miss that, lol.

very cool blog. i like your comment on Leesa's blog today, i agree totally. :) too funny about the couple. i have a strong belief that some people should have to get a license/permission to reproduce. ;)

thru my eyes said...

hi thanks for the comment on my post. Check out your site. I like it. Read your profile I love it, a girl after my own heart!!!!
I used to live above a couple who beat each other. It was AWFUL. I could hear every bit of it. They got married and divorced.

Sheen V said...

I'd rather have the couple fucking like insane porn stars. Nothing like listening to people in the throws of passion and orgasms!

Party Girl said...

I absolutely think there should be laws set up in regards to marriage. They won't/wouldn't make me popular, but it would help and improve society.

For example: No marriage before 25. No kids before 28.
Must take counseling. Lots and lots of counseling before you do either.

..again, I know LOTS of people would disagree. But, I think A LOT of people would agree also.

Sheen: I've heard 'em. It ain't exciting.