Wednesday, April 05, 2006

the appreciative kiss

When a man goes down on me I will always say, "thank you." I do this by giving him a deep passionate tongue swirling around in his mouth mixing with his saliva and my juices, kiss.
This is my way of saying, thank you. Thank you for going down on me and teasing me, licking me, nibbling on my clit and for making me cum and cum and cum over and over again. Thank you.

It's the appreciative kiss.

Now, on the flip side.

I go down on a man. I am working it just the way he likes it. Tongue, hand, sucking, licking, deep throating. I am sucking on his balls, his cock the works. Making him squirm and scream and moan.

God forbid I should get the kiss.

Doesn't matter if he came in my mouth or not.

No kiss.

Not once.

Well, that's not true.
I've been kissed, but it's more of the quick on the lips I don't really want your mouth on my mouth when your mouth was just on my cock, kind of kiss.

The kiss isn't the, pull me closer by the back of the head smash me into his lips, open my mouth with his tongue and thank me for all the work I just put forth making him moan and groan and scream (and possibly cum) kiss.
If it's anything it is quick and a, please don't, kiss.
I can tell he doesn't want to kiss me.


What is the big deal.

I was glad to have a little taste 'o myself.
It's just me.
What's the big deal?

Men, please answer this.

Why don't you kiss and give your ladies the appreciative kiss back?


wavslidn said...

If we wanted that taste in our mouths, we would just do it ourselves. (Yeah right - if we could, we would never leave the house)

I think there is just the deep belief in guys that tasting your own fluid makes you gay. I guess it really does not make much sense, but that is what I think it is. We really do love kissing you after going down on you - you nailed that one. I know that it is a huge turn-on for me! Please, kiss away!

wavslidn said...

Oh yeah, I need your input on a question. Check my blog when you get the time.

MrHinge said...

You mean other guys don't dig that?

I guess now I'm supposed to feel like some kind of freak.


Party Girl said...

waves: (I can't help this response)
Whatever (rolls her eyes)

Hinge: if you are kidding, I'm going to be very disappointed.

clids32 said...

Cum on now Partygirl! You've got to understand the real reason why guys don't kiss after. Actually, it's not that we won't, it's that we can't. You've worked sooo hard to release the sweet juices that we don't want to hog any of it. We want you to enjoy your reward. Seriously, I'm not selfish, keep it all for yourself.

Leesa said...

I kiss my man after he goes down on me, but he doesn't return the favor. Is a little sperm going to ruin the experience?

Neil said...

It's absolutely a cultural thing about it feeling "gay" interacting with another penis or even his own sperm. So, remember it's not about you -- the woman. It's the guy's own hang-up. But I think if you would tell the guy that you would enjoy kissing now, he might be able to overcome this feeling just to please you -- and maybe enjoy it himself. But this is one department where I think the woman has to take charge, at least the first time.

Sheen V said...

I do, and its a huge turn-on for me. She doesn't like to give me head to completion, but I always pull her up to kiss.

THE DUKE said...

It's kind of like how most women have no problem making out with other women, yet most straight men are repulsed by kissing other men. It's just pink things and blue things and they can't be explained. I'll kiss her after she's been down, as long as I haven't blown. I love, however to kiss her after I've been down on her. Yeah, I'm really original.

IreadBlogs said...

Yah know, I give the "Thank You" to my guy, but after I do him I usuly have to go to the bathroom to wipe the tears and snot, spit, cum off my face. I am sure he wouldn't mind but I do. Then I get a big Thank You kiss and hug. not to much of a problem.

Mikey said...

I agree with neil. It's that if they taste themselves they might feel they are gay

Ho-Me-G said...

Personally, I like to mingle every fluid. If she throats me, and I cum, then I'm kissing her big time.

But evidently, that's just me...

GirlGoyle said...

The " if they taste themselves they might feel they are gay" excuse is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. I think it's a sign of lack of self assurance. These men that aren't "thankful" are just not in tune with their bodies. If you are comfortable with your body and sex in all it's crazy forms then you'd have no issues of this sort. It's not the cum taste they should be thinking about when kissing but the sexual experience that just took place as a whole. I make it a point to get my kiss. And if you are going to be a prude about it then I will just simply refrain from doing all the work. No head for you!

wavslidn said...

OK, well if you are going to try and say that guys are weird for this or that this is a small number of guys, just watch a porn. We have talked before about how we (guys especially) sometimes learn from porn on what we should do or how things should look. Yes, the conclusion was that this is not very smart, but it happens all the time.

Anyway, how many people have ever watched a porn where the guy cums in her mouth and then gives her the big appreciative kiss? Maybe we have it in our heads that not only could it "make us gay", but that guys just aren't suppossed to do it?

Party Girl said...

waves: excellent point

chris said...

Wow! I'm a sexually experienced totally straight guy who LOVES getting head and ALWAYS gives my lover a long deep kiss after I cum in her mouth!!

I find that to be extremely erotic and it often powers me up for more sex.

I've never heard of the "it could make me gay" excuse before.

sonia said...

It has been my experience too. The gay excuse is phony. The main reason for this injustice is this: in bed, most men are selfish. They love taking, but they hate giving. I actually enjoy that selfishness, in a masochistic sort of way. But if you don't, you might consider having a look at what's playing at the other team...

Bishop said...

I know alot of guys have an issue with the whole "Does it make me gay deal" and don't get me wrong, I went through six girls before I was finally comfortable with passionately kissing her after I just flooded her mouth with my cum. Don't get me wrong...I do not like the taste, but in that moment its not about me. It was about me for the 30-45 minutes she spent sucking, licking and stroking my cock. Now though, its about her. I honest think it all comes down to your (the guy's) relationship with the girl. I absolutely refused to even consider it until I found myself with a woman that I not only loved, but was willing to spend the rest of my life with. Granted she turned out to be a cheating whore...buttt thats another story. Once you have that level of connection...of intimacy..nothing is out of the question. Making out after she just sucked me dry...going down on her after we just went nine rounds. All things in time.

- Bishop