Tuesday, April 25, 2006

third date: update, the break-up used

First, I found it funny that the men responded with the cruelest meanest ways to break-up. Funny, yet perhaps a little telling.


Here's what I said:

Mr. No Longer Possible:

Although I have really enjoyed talking with you and getting to know you, I am just not feeling a spark, or whatever it is two people are supposed to feel when we're together.

Again, I very much enjoyed getting to know you and spending time with you, but I don't think I am the right person for you.

Take care,

I wasn't sure about the, 'take care' part. Seems hokey, but not having it seemed cold. You know, because posting this and sending it, well that's not cold at all, right?


Will said...


Mikey said...

Ahh I'm sorry love.

Jay said...

I've been reading your blog for, I'm not even sure how long, 6 months, 8... and you've written a lot about your dating life and I think I know why none of your dates have been working out: because none of the men you've been dating are... me! You see, if you had been dating me, none of the silliness you've experienced would have happened. (My brand of silliness is most unique, patent pending. ;P) Just lots of obnoxiously-loud-waking-up-the-neighbors type of sex, cuddles galore, candle wax, light BDSM, (or heavy, if your heart so desires,) art galleries, zoos, museums, restaurants, puppies and kittens, (I'm stringing this one along as far as I can, so bear with me,) moonlit walks by the lake, movie nights, beer and pizza, pizza and beer, sushi, more sushi, sushi 'til it comes squeezing out of our ears, afternoon baseball games, late-night dance clubs, pottery classes that I'll quit after the second session,(no story behind THAT one,)...

Did I mention the sex part?

Just checking. ;P

Party Girl said...

Will: I liked the, spark, part. I had to steal it.

You should be honored and proud.

Mikey: thanks. They'll be others. Just gets tiresome.

Jay: Well, duh! *slaps hand to forehead*
Of course that's the real problem. Why did it take us 6-8 months to figure that one out???

I will be happy to partake in all of your dating suggestions.

Especially the sex part.
(Can we do it in all of the places listed?!?!?!)

Oh, I'll be considering grad schools this fall. Any suggestions you could send my way? Say one in Madison?

Just sayin'

GirlGoyle said...

Ha Jay...you kill me!

Gradschools....heh...been there done that. What are you looking to study?