Wednesday, February 08, 2006

be a lover not a fighter

Living in an older building with some questionable heating duct, you can hear a lot.
Last night I heard the couple below me fighting. Fighting over money and their wedding and how much he works versus how much she works.

I was totally siding with him. He seemed to have a pretty strong case.

He was raising his voice a little too much, but he still seemed to have a good case.

Then he called her a, "dumb-ass-motherfucka"
and that's when I stopped siding with him.

I figured they will make it two years tops, if they get married. Otherwise I was thinking, get out, get out now.

I didn't give it another thought and I crawled into bed. I sleep with a fan on, that sits on the floor to block out noise (my noise or their noise)

I am all snug in bed. Cuddled under the covers, my arms wrapped under my pillow.


I am almost asleep. Right on the cusp. I can feel myself drift off. Ah, quiet comfort of sweet, sweet sleep....


He (I'm assuming) slammed their bedroom door so hard it shook my bed, it rattled my walls. It scared the holy hell out of me.

..and there goes my heart. thumpthumpthumpthumpthumpthumpthumpthumpthumpthump
just like a little bunnies.

oh-no-you-didn't. You dumb-ass-motherfucka

and I'm awake.


Will said...

If he was right, and she was still arguing...

...then she's a stupid mother fucker.

What's the issue?

wavslidn said...

You need to sleep in my bed - it is much better.

Party Girl said...

will: (she hesitates, mouth slightly open, moves eyes from side to side. Shuts mouth, shakes head, walks away)

Waves: spoon me?

wavslidn said...

No problem - sounds good to me. I seem to remember you saying something about you sleep in the buff - what a coincidence, me too!

wavslidn said...

Haven't you learned that women never realize when they have lost an argument?

Party Girl said...

waves: you got me with the naked spooning, then took it right away with the women never knows when she's lost an argument. You give and then you take. (sighs. slouches in desk chair)

Jay said...

wavslidn: I disagree. Women know when they're losing an argument. They choose to continue. They hate losing an argument, epsecially to a man. And will sometimes let it get to the point of sheer absurdity, changing the subject of the argument until she wins, in her mind.

Whenever I find myself in these situations, I will do everything I can to keep the argument on its original topic. And I will let her have the last word. I usually end my side of it with,"You can have the last word, but regardless, you know I'm in the right and you're not!" She'll get the last word in, yet it will ultimately have no relevance to the argument itself.

Yes, I am a dick.

Party Girl said...

jay: only 11 more steps to go.

wavslidn said...

Right on Jay, I totally agree with you about staying on target. I actually make a point of not getting into too many arguments with anyone - it is just not worth it in the long run. If I am going to get into an argument, I make sure that I am right before I start - that way I know I can win. I just do my best to stay calm and get the other person all bent out of shape - it just frustrates them even more.

PG - damn, I blew it?! Would I get any points if I said some guys don't realize when they have lost the argument either? (Give me a break guys- yes, I am trying to kiss up to PG - just dont tell her.)

Party Girl said...

see, I am a lover not a fighter.

I actually hate fighting.
I don't yell, I rarely even raise my voice.
If someone yells at me, congratulations, I am now no longer listening.

Am I stubborn as hell, yep.
Am I incredibly strong willed, yep.
Am I passionate, yep.
Do I like to be right, yep.
Do I like to have the last word, yep.

However, again, I hate to fight, I'm a lover, therefore fights, they don't happen.

Party Girl said...

waves: you get one point. Only one. I see the lips on my ass. I'm not saying I mind, just sayin.