Tuesday, October 10, 2006

directions on how to not let a bad day get to you

Day starts out basic enough.
Alarm goes off at 5:54.
Let the alarm go off three times.
Get up at 6:19.
Leave the house by 7:23, get to work on time.
Color yourself impressed.
Leave for the doctor's office at 8:30 for 8:45 appointment.
Converse with the staff.
Make another mental note of why you love your small independent neighborhood doctor. (And she's female. Bonus points.)
Nurse and doctor take their time and chit chat, actually still seem like they care after all these years.
Doctor tells you what you expected. (Nothing big deal, girl stuff.)
However, she wants to run labs.
She knowns you don't have insurance, she's sorry, she just wants to cover all basis.
You understand, but inside stress over the future lab bill.
Ask the receptionist if I can make a small payment today and then if she can just bill me. ( You know, like always.)
Of course, she says, no problem.
Doctor remembers that she has samples of my everyday perscriptions to give me. (That cost hundreds of dollars.)
Thank everyone profusely (as always).
Leave to get perscription filled.
Tell yourself you don't want or need a Starbuck.
Drop script off.
Wonder around Target for 15 minutes until it's ready for pick-up.
15 minutes later pick script up.
When they give me the total I ask if they filled it as generic.
Give them a credit card instead of debit card.
Decide I still have several hours left in my day.
I won't let myself be sad.
Told myself I wasn't going to cave to the temptation of Starbucks when I walked in.
Decide to cave to the temptation of Starbuck as I walk out.
Order a light pumpkin frappaccino.
And a big frosted cookie.
Laugh with the Starbuck guy.
Sip the frap.
Get into my car, read the directions to the script.
Pop a pill.
I will not let myself have a bad day.
Things will get better.
Put on continuous repeat.
Pull out of the parking lot drinking frap and eating the big frosted pumpkin cookie.
Pop in the Fergie CD.
Start to dance and sing to the CD.
Sit in work parking lot pretending to be at the gay disco while finishing the cookie and finishing the song.
Get back to my office.
Resolve to have a good day.
Pick up the half-empty frap.
Notice that I seem to have th shakes from all the sugar and caffeine.
Decide that even though I think coffee is a food group unto itself, figure it probably really isn't.
I will not let myself have a bad day.
(and repeat.)


Tom Serafini, Actor to the Stars! said...

That you popped in a Fergie CD was enough to ruin my day. I hope you're happy.

puerileuwaite said...

Oh no. Now it got to ME too!