Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Pirate Joe

So, this pirate walks into my office this morning. (I know, in this day and age, but yeah, a pirate) He tells me his name is Joe.
"Hey Joe, what can I help you with?" As I ask this question I notice he has very lovely ears. Very kissable, but more importantly he has some really cool earrings. Nothing to blingy or anything, just some nice studs.
He sees me looking.
He says, " Oh, you like the earrings? Yeah, I just got my ears pierced yesterday."
"Really? How much did that cost you?"

.... a buck an ear.




Jay said...

Somebody get me some rope, QUICK!!!

Before she does it again!!!! ;P

Phollower said...

Ironically enough that's how much corn costs at the Shiver Me Timbers Supermart...

Joefish said...


Jay said...

BTW, I have FINALLY posted in my blog today!!!!

Read and enjoy.

Or don't. ;P

JustTerry said...

that is bad, not like a sigh and shake of the head bad but like clubbing your pastor on sunday morning bad

THE DUKE said...

Oh dear.

Party Girl said...

Jay: to tie me down? To shut me

(100, baby. 100)

P: That's where I work!!!!!

Joe: yeah, but I bet you repeated it. *wink*

terry: So, I just come up behind you and knock you over when you least expect it. Is that what you're saying?

Duke: No, no. A pirate. Pirate Joe.

GirlGoyle said...

Hummm...pirate...eye patch and all??

Party Girl said...

GG: Yep, no lie.

Parrot, stick for a leg, only spoke in 'yars'...he was the whole package.