Wednesday, October 04, 2006

soapbox rant: politics, media, and stupid ass politicians

Although I know this has been, and will continue to be, covered to ad nauseum in the next days, weeks, and god help us, months after waddling in the spew over the information over the latest politico scandal I felt the need to throw my two cents into the blogdom.

Yes, the lying irritates me.
Yes, the "cover up" is ridiculous and irritates me.
Yes, the hypocrisy, although far from making me spin on my stiletto in mock shock, still manages to irritate me.
However, none of those things are behind the need to type this post when I should be studying for my two exams tomorrow. No, what is taking precious time away from the books, and has managed to churn my stomach a few times this morning while listening to the radio are the following things.

Foley was on the committee for missing and exploited children. Hmm, more hypocrisy and yet another case of, "thou protesteth a little too much.."
The fact that those within his political party felt the need to lie and cover-up evidence that wasn't even hidden and shock of all non-shockers it was all taking place during a midterm election and the need for votes was greater than the need to do what was and is the right thing once again, although not shocking, I find the fact that I am not shocked by it to be disturbing.
How cynical and jaded have I, and am I, becoming?

Political cover-up.
I mean seriously, have politicians learned absolutely nothing over the course of time, history, and failed paper trails only to be unearthed by Washington Post journalists? Let's recap a few, shall we?
"I did not have sexual relations with that woman..."
"I was not part of the Watergate cover-up.."
....and then pick anyone for any kind of statement involving extramarital sex, drugs, drinking, car accidents. (Mmm, say Ted Kennedy.)
If they deny (usually vehemently) point, pound on something, or here's a tell, can't look you in the eye, well....yeah, the truth is out there it's just a matter of time and patience to see exactly where and when the truth will land, I mean, be splatted, all over America.
I don't care that my president has sex. I don't care if that sex is gay, straight, bi, tri, or otherwise and gets down and freaky in the White House. Frankly, I have more respect for him (some day I hope it to be a her) for having down and dirty sex (affair no. dirty sex, yes, please) just be honest about it. I'm just going to guess on this one, but I bet being the president or any politician is a stressful job. I mean, lying and trying to cover up those lies must truly be a full-time job. You know the best cure for stress? Orgasms. Lots and lots and multiple orgasms. So, please, have sex. Please, have it be with your wife or husband, not your mistress or boy toy, it doesn't have to be on a mattress just have sex. Thanks.


Excuses and reasons for bad behavior.
Drugs, alcohol, the devil himself made me sell my soul for a semen stained blue dress on the crossroads by the light of a full moon. Unless there is a gun pointed at your head and you have to make a choice between your penis named Fred and your family, well, I don't care the reason and frankly I'm not going to believe the reason. What was/is Foley's reason? Alcohol. What? Gasp! Shock! To hell, you say!
Now, I'm a drinker. I like my vodka. (I like it a lot.) I like my beer. (You could say we're friends.)I like my Jager shots. (Mmmm, gets me right...about...there..) As a result of these loves, friendships, flirtations I've had bad one night stands, good one night stands, all weekenders, sex with my best girlfriend, held a spanking demonstration on said girlfriend in the middle of a Belgium pub, and once, twice, (three times a lady) I've even drank so much I've thrown up to the point that I was pretty damn positive there was nothing left but my stomach lining and through my blurry, glassy, tear soaked eyes I was certain it was lying in the bile at the bottom of the toilet water. However, never have I had, let alone been involved in, underage sexual relations. So, need a new, better, excuse, please.

Apparently others (spin doctors) felt the same way because what is his new reason?

(Spin Doctor shakes the Magic 8 Ball)

"I was molested by a priest!"

Well, of course he was. Surely people will believe and forgive him now, right?!?!.


Hmm, nope. That's not dimming the glaring media coverage. (Spppttt, Hey, doc, what else can we come up with?)

What, oh what, can he pull out of his ass??...

Got it!

He's gay!

To be a gay American shows that he is patriotic, and he can go back to blaming the priests, and well, deviance of course.

Yep, yep, that's it. Okay, recap: Alcoholic, molested by priests, gayness. Whew! Good. Think all the bases are covered and well, since he's an alcoholic of course he has been taken into the warm and comforting arms of those under the roof of denial known as the Betty Ford clinic. And magically when he has reached the peak of sobriety known as the 12 steps of enlightenment thus releasing him into the ADHD society also known as the suburbia of America, well we will long have forgotten who Foley was/is/had been/going to be/ and the "news" vans have long gone onto circling their next prey and we will be seeking and searching out our next Gasp! Shock! Mock Shock! cynicism inducing scandal that will last all of 2.3 seconds that will inundate our lives, minds, eyes, senses, and TV and radio waves before the Ritalin has time to take effect and we will have moved on to the next "scandal" and "cover up."

Oh look! A rampage of school shootings...ew! and the Amish are involved in one! Whoo-hoo! Let's bring all of our modern technology to this isolated community who have been happy to leave the God hating, technology loving, ADHD, different shade of beige, 2.5, Hummer driving place known as Wonderbread White America behind them and try and capitalize on it! Can you say, black buggy driving, white bonnet wearing gold mine?!?!?!


Jay said...

I want to have your children, Party Girl!!!! :)

Twisted DNA said...

Good post. You sound way too upset. Drink a glass of wine and go to bed :)

About that republican fat cat trying to screw page boys, that's disgusting. I don't realy understand those guys. If they want to be gay, can't they find other willing gay people to screw? Or, does it not count as guy if they screw 16 year old boys!

GirlGoyle said...

Amen is all I got to say. Though I do hope you took a minute or too to breathe while writing this cuz boy I'm winded reading it...all in one breath. What I don't understand about this country is why we take away focus from real issues at hand and spend countless hours and gallons of ink on people's sex preferences and habits. I'm not in any way condoning sex with minors I'm just saying who cares if the President likes his cigar smoked by women who aren't his wife. And who cares if the politician is gay. Do we have jobs? Are our taxes where they need to be? Are our young soldiers safe or invading countries that they don't need to be fussing with. Hello!! Can we pan the camera away from the political crotch and on real life issues!

Bre said...

I live very close to where the shooting at the Amish school happened and it's driving me insane that all the cameras are trying to get into their faces so much. Enough is enough, give them their peace. I often feel sad for the Amish, because they have pulled back from our modern society because of situations like that. We should be supporting them by allowing them their grief, not by shoving cameras into their faces and asking them insulting questions.

Joefish said...

Magic 8 Balls and dicks named Fred? Nice! :)

puerileuwaite said...

Wow, Party Girl. Great rant and comments! For the most part we as a society only have ourselves to blame.

The sexual bullshit boosts ratings and sells ad space. So does violence on a grand scale, such as in Pennsylvania (It wasn't even an Amish guy who did it, yet here they are having media weasels camped in their community. Talk about being victimized twice.)

Give us dirty laundry!

The hottest new TV shows take precedence over the state of our country and the world. The more we choose to escape, the more crap there is to escape from.

They should castrate the SOB.

Party Girl said...

Jay: You carry them for nine months, push 'em out, get up with them in the middle of the night and spend the rest of your life worrying about them, I say, sure. How many should we have?

DNA: You know I didn't think I was angry, just venting. Then my Thursday happened and yeah, I was angry.

GG: Where's my choir? A little long winded, huh? There were a few run-ons, but felt good to get it out there.

Bre: we should all be ashamed of ourselves. All of us.

Joe: Ah, thanks. It's amazing what comes out of my head.

P: Thanks and I agree. We like our car accidents, our scandals, our shocking tabloid stories, the scars, bruises, blood, guts, and the he said, she said and please, oh please, let there be a mistress or a really, really good skeleton in the closet, cause that's good TV!

Old Man Crowder said...

It's a sad, sad state of affairs, eh?

Come on over to my place and we'll comiserate together. Maybe we can talk about breasts or something.