Sunday, October 01, 2006

those damn American women anyhow

Sometimes for shits and giggles I scout the dating sites to see what's out there. Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised (rarely), sometimes I am mortified (often), sometimes I find something that is so bad it catches my attention and I feel the need to share it with others (this time).
I am sharing it one, for shits and giggles, two to see if any of you agree with what it is he is essentially stating: that American women are too independant, demanding, not family oriented, blah, blah, blah and well, if you do think that, why the hell are you reading me?

Welcome to Ideology 101 where I'm looking for a woman who is worthy of me. Today we will learn that most of the women I meet fail a cost-benefit analysis and among the fraternity of men an American woman makes the worst mate on the planet. In regard to career pusuits and independence, American women are to be commended. However, in repect to home and family they are failing misserably. Any woman that thinks she is too good to care for her family has absolutely no business being involved in a marriage. REAL women view family duties not as a burden but as an honor. There is honor in taking care of your children. There is honor in taking care of your husband. There is honor in taking care of your family. And there is complete honor for any man to be a part of this woman’s life. Most American women to me are far uglier inside than they ever could be on the outside. I have met a few that certainly were not attractive in the classical sense, but they were real women indeed. Unfortunately, most women are loud, demanding, cantankerous, rude, self aggrandizing, selfish, sociopathic and vapid beyond belief. In laymen's terms if she is a car she doesn't handle well and requires too much maintenance. I'm searching for a solid late model German import with low (no) mileage and a good set of child bearing hips. Speaking English is an option, understanding English is important and wrestling experience is a plus. I finish what I start and I'm the type of man you could grow old with. I'm ardently set in my ways and my mantra has become "My way or the highway." I'm not crazy - I'm realistic and contrary to popular belief I haven't lost my marbels - I've lost my patience. Additionally, if you wouldn't mind moving in with my parents that would be great (after marriage of course). If you have any questions please e-mail me. That's all the space I have available today... class is dismissed. Safe journey Mars fans... wherever you are.

So, in conclusion; he is a virgin who lives at home and isn't able to find a docile white girl to take either off of his hands.


C.Rag said...

He's probably wishes he lived in Nazi Germany where Hitler awarded medals to "Aryan" women who had a lot of children.

AngryMan said...

I think I go to school with this guy. He is definitely a virgin and likely a closet homosexual.

Jay said...

Sounds French, actually.

Phollower said...

"...wrestling experience is a plus." That's just awesome.

Party Girl said...

c,rag: Yeah, something about the, 'child bearing hips' comment.

Angry: gay is not something that occured to me, so he's a closeted gay virgin, trying to find a virginal non-American wife, I wish him luck on his quest.

Jay: Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Ph: I loved that line also, however he then contradicts himself with the, "low (no) miles" comment. He can't have both. A wrestler without experience? It's an urban legend.

Bre said...

He sounds like the guy down the street from me, who upon hearing that I originated in the big city told me that it was a shame that I never had the chance to form proper morals.


THE DUKE said...

After a couple of years without sex, he'll change his tune.

Party Girl said...

BRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!....hey girl, long time, no see...also just FYI, for some reason I am not able to comment on your blog..

Wow, what a thing to say to a gal. Did you kick him in his nut sack?

Duke: I don't know, I think he may just become more bitter. A bitter angry white man virgin living at home...can you say, rifle on a tall building? Not pretty.

AeroAangel said...

that's pretty funny