Tuesday, October 24, 2006

my knack for honesty + the fragile male ego = too many things at the dinner table last night. (or how to make a great date go bad)

...and so my night went.

Something about hurting his pride in regards to a comment I made over dinner. He was bad mouthing his ex-wife who he has two kids with. I told him how extremely unattractive I find that. I then explained why I find it unattractive. He understood. (He said.)

Walking me to my car he told me I hurt his pride. I told him that wasn't my intention, but I'm not going to listen to him talk about his ex-wife that way.

Then the kiss goodnight by my car was mighty short. (mighty)

The two might be related.


More to come.


(God I'm sick of dating.)


Twisted DNA said...

I agree that bad mouthing his ex is not a nice gesture. It makes him look vengeful. Similar thing happens in interviews too. Some of the people I interview think saying bad things about their current employer makes the prospective employer happy. Which is a very wrong assumption.

Phollower said...

I tell you, I used to read this blog that some large breasted, sex-crazed, perverted, deviant wrote. What a nut-jub she was. I'm glad I've moved on to yours...

Like that?

Party Girl said...

twisted: Yes, I encounter a lot of that also. Seriously, you have to wonder what people are thinking.

P: So, what you're telling me is you want less of the stupid jokes, soapbox rants, the good of one person, and more of the back alley blow jobs I'm giving and my penchant for waking up the neighbors?

Party Girl said...

are you saying you like how I mix it up now? You know, intermingling the dumb jokes, the useless trivia, the power of one, with my penchant for the back alley blow jobs?

I'm here to please my audience. Please, let me know.

wavslidn said...

I do love hearing about your back alley blowjobs from time to time - I will admit it! I like hearing about your day to day life and a good joke or two, but a good sex story is always a good read. TNF is always appreciated.

Phollower said...

Yeah, I like the intermingling too. I like the way you mix the back alley bj's with the rooftop doggie-style and the outdoor reverse anal cowgirl.

I'm afraid I have no idea what that last one is. I read it in an "adult" toys catalogue. I'm sure I could Google it but some websites are better not visited on the work computer.

Baron Ectar said...

He is missing out! Move on he sounds like a loser. I am a newly divorced dad. I tease about my ex wife - but I NEVER deman her in anyway shape or form. She is the mother of my children and she is the greatest woman on earth.

Jay said...

Of course you're tired of dating.

You're not dating me. :)

Party Girl said...

Waves: Glad you enjoy the thing called by life.
Did I ever tell you the one where I was caught by the cops?
Was bent over the air conditioner?
Inside the sidewalk doorway?
The one.....?

Just askin'.

Ph: I'm fluent in all three and believe in practicing them all as often as I possibly can.

So you know, at least daily.

Baron: God damn but that is sexy as hell.

Jay: well, duh?!?!?

I'm telling you, if this job falls through I am packing it all up and moving to a town near you.
Just sayin'

I've been thinking today, should I call this guy and say, what the fuck was that last night?
Let him explain himself, but to me, as someone who is a self-sabotager in relationships, to me he was clearly trying to fuck this up. It was going way to well and we were both feeling something way too strong for barely knowing each other.

But, it wasn't just the ex.
He made fun of the student I tutor, the one I mentioned last week. (And truly, that young man means so much to me. I am so proud of that gig.)
He commented about my job, and I'm pretty sure he has no idea what I do.
He made fun of a piece of jewlery I was wearing.
He was upset that I wouldn't go back to his place because, by that time in the evening when it came up, there wasn't no way in hell that was happenin'.

However, I also told him I thought he was more bitter and cynical than he was giving himself credit for.

So, I know what you're thinking, what an ass, run.

Yes, that's were I am too. But, truly, to me is was clear he was purposely fucking it up and I wanted to give him the benefit and another try.

However, I think I have a small idea of how he operates and fights and well, this gal is a lover, not a fighter.

For any question on that see my comment to Phollower about my mixing ability.

So, thanks for letting me vent.

My "Next!" and "Now Serving!" signs are flashing.

Funny side note: Guy in one of my classes I am crushing on and totally not my typical type...but I am so crushin' on him. Anyway, we did our usual banter and when I left class he patted my head.

Yes, he patted my head.

I started laughing and asked, "what the hell was that?"
And started mimicking.."such a pretty girl..."

He blushed and said, "yeah I don't know.."

I think I make him nervous.

I think it's adorable.


he thinks I'm an idiot.

Old Man Crowder said...

If belittling other people is a pride thing, then that dude's got issues.

I can only imagine what he would/will say about you now.

Party Girl said...

OMC: That I'm a bitch who verbally attacked him out of nowhere? Oh, and I'm sure that I'm psycho. That one seems popular among the male species.

....that was exactly my point to him: If you say that in front of me, then what will you say about me when my back is turned?

It's the same thing I say to co-workers and such when they come to me and say something nasty about someone else.

I mean, this is so, duh, to me.
If you say something mean about someone to me, then what do you say about me to others?

Seriously, duh.

puerileuwaite said...

Good for you, Party Girl. You did the right thing. (Boy, was THIS a tough comment to make! But hey, if it means getting lucky somewhere down the road, then screw my pride.)

GirlGoyle said...

Screw his ego. What is it with me and "it's all about me." There must've been something good about that woman for him to have married her. If not, buyer be ware.

wavslidn said...

I love listening to the stories you share of your life - especially the sex stories. The fact that you are so open about your life (and your sex life) is really cool and fun to read about.

And no, you have not told me those stories - I would love to hear them. Remember, any time you want to make a new story just head to DC.

HST said...

Wait, people actually go on "dates" anymore?

Party Girl said...

P: Good Pug. Now sit and beg....

GG: Ego I can see hurting, but pride? I don't get it.

Waves: I've never been to DC. I know, sad. I think you could provide a good excuse for some sight-seeing.

HST: Yep, with flirting, dinner and drinks. They pay, cause I'm poor and they are usually not poor. Oh, and that's the only way I'll put out. Cause that's just how I roll.

wavslidn said...

DC is great - tons of things to see and do. You would love it!