Monday, October 30, 2006

just askin', just sayin' Halloween is the most bestest holiday of the year

If a person gets arrested on Halloween do they get to change out of their costume before their mugshot?

I mean, I can't imagine there is someone dressed as the Bride of Frankenstein, or Joan Crawford as Mommy Dearest, screaming, "No more wire hangers, ever!" or Nurse Betty, a fairy princess, a priest with a little fake boy doll attatched to his genitals has a mugshot reflecting these Halloween costumes, but I don't know. Anyone?

Although, those would be some pretty kickass mugshots to see. I'm thinking the Bride of Frankenstein wouldn't be looking so blushing after sitting in the back of a cop car at 4 a.m.

This is why I love Halloween. Hands down my favorite holiday. Only second to my birthday. I have permission to go out and show off all my little perversions and fantasties to the whole wide world and they embrace me! Actually, I think a person can see a lot about another person and all of their inner what-nots on Halloween and see what things are really lurking inside someone on a night like Halloween. Someone's demons, thoughts, fantasies, sense of humor, fetishes. It's so freakin' wonderful.

Me, this year I was a Catholic schoolgirl. A slutty one. Boobs up to my chin, more make-up than I wear in a year, and white lace stockings complete with fuck me shoes. It was wonderful. I had a nun eyeballing me all night. I was channeling all his impure thoughts. I'm pretty sure he wanted me back in the classroom with a ruler in his hand. At least that's what he told me.

So, what were you this year?

Oh, and here's the end of my jokes:

What do you call a man with no arms and no legs hanging on the wall?


What do you call a man with no arms and no legs laying on the floor?


How do you make a hormone?

You pay her. (Whore, moan.)


TrappedInColorado said...

What to you call a man with no arms and no legs in the ocean?


Someone hacked my blog and took you out of my links... strange...


HST said...

I was one of Jack the Ripper's victims. Corset that made my rack look perfect, bloomers and a nice neck scar....and i got some on saturday night too... apparently i'm just as hot when i'm dead (undead?) as alive..

Jay said...

Had I been said nun there would have been no need to channel impure thoughts. I would have told you to get back into my classroom and assume the position!

Oh, and I prefer a yardstick over a ruler; more imposing. :)

GirlGoyle said...

I was dressed up as....ME cuz this year for some odd reason no real invites. And I was told that no trick/treating after the age of 12. LOL

Baron Ectar said...

I just go as me - Catholic schoolgirl - love country boys though right?!

Why did the game warden arrest the ghost?
He did not have a haunting license.

Oh where did that come from?!

Baron Ectar said...

I forgot - Happy Halloween!!!

Party Girl said...

Trapped: that's one I forgot.

On the links: sarcasm or a stab at me? I'm a bit confused.

hst: If I would have had the time to shop and such that's what I was going to go as. Eh, maybe next year.

Jay: That one is going into my long-term.

GG: poo! I say, go and have your own fun.
Then again, I am a kid at heart.

Baron: Catholic schoolgirls tend to love and flirt with everyone. They're friendly like that.

Happy Halloween everyone!!!!!!

limpy99 said...

I went as a snake this year.

What do you call a man with no arms or legs in the ocean?


(But Bob is good too)

JustTerry said...

What do you call a man with no arms and no legs in a pile of leaves?


TrappedInColorado said...

Oh no! I was serious... I went in and your link was commented out. I had nothing to do with it... Why would I take a stab at you?


Party Girl said...

Terry: That was one I hadn't heard. Oh, its going in my aresenal.

Trapped: Sorry. I seem to be putting people on the defense, which in turn has put me on the defense. Sorry, I just took it the wrong way. All good.

puerileuwaite said...

A Catholic schoolgirl, a nun, booze, and a morally permissive environment? I am SO there!