Thursday, October 19, 2006

word origin: hermaphrodite

The term, hermaphrodite, meaning to have the sex organs of both a male and female derives from the Greek god and goddess, Hermes and Aphrodite. They gave birth to a son who ended up half man and half woman.


puerileuwaite said...

So does this mean when someone tells me to go "screw myself", they're accusing me of "hermaphroditiosity"?

Okay, for once, I have a few variations.


hermafrodite - a hermaphrodite with a "fro"

Hermanphrofright - Herman Munster, if HE were a hermaphrodite

Mighty Hermaphodite - Woody Allen's next movie

hermathphrodite - a math teacher with this condition

HermaphRodizio Grill - a Brazialian restaurant that caters to the hermaphrodite crowd

Geothermaphrodite - a hermaphrodite who really enjoys visiting Old Faithful and hot springs

Da Wah HermaphroDitty - if Manfred Man was more than just a man


Thank you. I needed that!

Vagina Terrorist said...

wow, i just got a headache reading through that whole comment.

Party Girl said...

P: Wow, that was a good list. Thourough.

I read it last night when I was very, very tired.

Much funnier this morning when I am more awake.

You so cleva!

Party Girl said...
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Party Girl said...

vag: Yeah, he's good.

Pyrhonik said...

*groan* I can't believe that I didn't clue into that one all this time!

The list above is quite funny.

Missed ya PG, haven't been here in a while. I see I have some reading to do ~)


limpy99 said...

For some reason a friend of mine called them "batwangers"

I never knew why.

Jeff Crowder said...

If you were a hermaphrodite, you'd have twice the chances of getting laid! Everyone is fair game!

ePixie29 said...

Jeff - not sure I'd agree with you there. After all, some people will scorn the unknown!

Nice list, puerileuwaite!

GirlGoyle said... are world of wisdom. So does a hermaphrodite use the ladies room or the men's room...I've always wondered.

Yeah, him. said...

My question then becomes: Bulfinch or Hamilton?

I gotta say, I'm partial to Bulfinch since he was first, but good ol' Edith is ok too.

Gotta love those Greek mythology bedtime stories.

Party Girl said...

Py: I am here to help and inform.

no prob on falling behind. I am guilty of that with everyone right now.

Jeff: being a hermie is like being bi, it truly just opens up all the possibilities.

epix: then again, epix has a point.

Yeah, him: as someone who is in a myth class right now and studying ALL...ALL...the gods..they got a story for everyone and everything.

Haven't gotten to Edith, yet. Is she the Jewish goddess of all things musical?

Anonymous said...

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