Tuesday, October 10, 2006

just askin', just sayin'

Do you know what would be less painful to me than sitting in my Java computer class for four hours every Monday night?

Having my skin riped off and rolling me in rock salt.

Just throwing that out there.

Truly, truly painful. (The class. Again, the no skin/rock salt thing = less painful.)


Joefish said...

I'm all in favor of outlawing Java.

Bre said...

That sounds miserable. I'm not even quite sure what Java is (other than something that my computery friends talk about often) and I know for sure I never want to deal with it!

wavslidn said...

Java class is horrible - been there, done that. I would rather listen to George Bush give a long speech.

Twisted DNA said...

PartyGirl pg = new PartyGirl();
System.out.println( TwistedDNA.getInstance().isGeek());

Party Girl said...

Joe: Let me be the first to sign the bill into law.

Bre: Sucks big hairy balls.

Wavs: That actually sounds less painful.

twisted: can I call you, twisted? Thanks.
Now, see if I could write programs like that, I'd be SOOO much happier.

puerileuwaite said...

Gotta like the Twisted comment! You sir, are worthy of your avatar.

Twisted DNA said...


"twisted: can I call you, twisted? "
You can call me anything and still you can't match some of the names I have been called :)

"Now, see if I could write programs like that, I'd be SOOO much happier"
Programming is like sex. It's scary and confusing at the beginning. We enjoy it more as we do it more. At at some point, like I am right now, it's form of relaxation ;)

"You sir, are worthy of your avatar."
Oh my god, that is the best compliment anyone has ever given me!